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Kisii Central Ward MCA Mrefu, Monyenye, biography, direction, population, wealth, 2022 politics

Kisii Central Ward MCA Kepha Mogaka Mrefu and Monyenye Emamba, biography, wealth, 2022 politics

Kisii Town is the most vibrant administrative region in the larger Gusii land. The urban centre is home to more than 112,417 residents. Stats from the Kenya National Census of 2019 is confirmation that Bosongo is now congested and spreading widely. Kisii Central Ward MCA Kepha Mogaka Mrefu is clearly happy of this speedy progress.

Natives agrees that Kisii town pictures are more colourful than they were a few years ago. To be specific, the number of business and residential apartments has tripled in less than ten years. As a result, the prices of real estate properties has doubled within the same period.

Kisii Central Ward MCA Mrefu vs Monyenye Emamba

The incumbent Kisii Central Ward MCA Kepha Mogaka Kebabe and the former Wilfred Monyenye Yoge jointly take credit for the ongoing prosperity.

Even so, the two often clash on who should take more credit than the other on matters development.

On the other hand, some locals feel otherwise about Mrefu and the self-proclaimed Emamba.

It is now in the public domain that the two leaders have continually ignored the cries of small business people in town.

Further critics have weighed them down for failing to guarantee uninterrupted access to basic social amenities such as water and power.

Poor road networks and muddy pathways adds to the long list of their failures.

Biography of Mrefu the Kisii Central Ward MCA

Mrefu became Kisii Central Ward MCA in 2017 on the Jubilee Party ticket, replacing Monyenye from the position.

The tallest Member of County Assembly (Mrefu) is a man of the people especially for his no nonsense approach.

Many love listening to his speeches because of their comic touch, especially when Mrefu is in the mood of speaking in English.

Away from that, the wealthy Mrefu is owner of Galilaya Flats among other strategic properties within Kisii Town.

Rising in Kisii County politics

The powerful MCA Mrefu rose to power after working as a personal aide of Simeon Nyachae for years.

He later worked as a councillor for a period before receiving the precious crown of an MCA.

Recent news covered the angry MCA Mrefu faulting Hon Sylvanus Osoro for disrespecting Governor Hon James Ongwae. 

Elsewhere, The Kisii Central ward MCA is on record for warning Hon Kimani Ichungwa against defaming Dr. Fred Matiangi.

Notably, Mrefu is a degree graduate with all the necessary higher learning education from JKUAT.      

Above all, Mrefu is one of the few Kisii leaders who had a chance to work closer to President Daniel Arap Moi.

Biography of Yoge Wilfred Monyenye Emamba

The famed Monyenye assumed office in 2013 as the first MCA in the region under the new constitution of 2010.

Strong opposition from MCA Mrefu kicked him out in 2017 with accusations of nepotism and corruption.

Monyenye has since remained silent and away from public address cameras.

Kisii town directions and address

The Kisii town map shows that Bosongo is 107 kilometres south of Kisumu City. It takes about 2 hours to drive between the two towns.

Besides, the distance to Nairobi is different depending on the route of choice.

Firstly, the distance from Kisii to Nairobi via Narok is 313 Km; it takes about 6 hours to arrive.

Secondly, the distance from Kisii to Nairobi via Nakuru is 359 kilometres; it takes about 7 hours to arrive.

Kisii town is in which sub county?

The leafy Kisii Town is in Nyaribari Chache Sub County which comprises six wards among them Ibeno, Birongo, Kiogoro, Keumbu, Bobaracho, and Kisii Central.

Kisii town is in which constituency? Kisii town in Kisii Central ward falls in Nyaribari Chache Constituency.

The Kisii Central ward of at least 20,000 registered voters remains the largest of its kind in Nyaribari Chache constituency.

Ongoing political negotiations have started awakening potential aspirants likely to replace Mrefu in the upcoming 2022 general elections.

Kepha Mogaka Mrefu and his opponent Monyenye Emamba are long serving leaders now past the youthful age. The closest to their calibre is Frank Mirina who lost to Mrefu in 2017. Meanwhile, a full list of Kisii Central Ward MCA aspirants for 2022 remains unpredictable.