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Kisii gospel songs and singer

Kisii gospel songs mp3 download, mix, singers, YouTube videos, latest gospel worship songs

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The gospel industry is never short of ear-soothing praises from talented singers. Among the best are lyrical composers behind Kisii gospel songs. The latest mp3 and video downloads from your favourite Kisii artists are here.

Kisii gospel artists are respectable for dropping single, and collabo hit jams. They are strong inspiration figures for their creativity and boldness in the ministry. Therefore, it is no longer challenging to scoop endorsements and top gig live shows.

Kisii gospel songs video

Watching the Kisii gospel songs YouTube is refreshing to the mind and restoring at heart. This fact is evident if the number of views these tracks have been collecting is anything to go by.

Kisii gospel songs mp3

Streaming services such as SoundCloud, Amazon, MixCloud, Mdundo, Songatak, and Viusasa take the lead in Kisii gospel songs mp3 download. Most of these platforms also support video downloads.

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Kisii gospel music latest

It is interesting how fast various local gospel singers roll out new tracks and albums. These celebrated figures mainly focus on everyday issues such as weddings, forgiveness, morals, death, and related biblical teachings.

1. Omwana Onyasae Akong’ita Obote

YouTube: 470k+ views

Embarambamba gospel songs are particularly captivating for their engaging message and comic displays. The composition loosely translates to “The son of God is appetizing to me.” More of Embarambamba songs include.

  • Sanitize
  • Siara Ebuse
  • Ninchwo Mbaorokie,
  • Inyigwete Natorekire
  • Ngai ngokengana nkore egento

Embarambamba The Man Of Action, is no stranger to controversy given how he dances in his videos. While some think he is using his talent to praise God, others maintain that he is reckless and should go back to his familiar secular square.

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2. Ndindindi by Douglas Otiso

YouTube: 202k+ views

The electrifying Kisii singer Douglas Otiso comes next to none in the gospel space. He is a long-standing evangelist with unwavering deliverance messages for thousands of his fans. He is also the composer and singer in the following gems.

  • Samson
  • Okorara
  • Ee Omoyo
  • Jerusalem
  • Tata Okonye
  • Yeso Mbwate
  • Tenga Bogeka
  • Abarai Abaya
  • Natebire Mbuya
  • No omobui yeso

More trending Kisii gospel music

  • Sesenia – Miggy
  • Fenny Kerubo – Nyamaza
  • Lydiah Nyairabu – Ong’inyore
  • Rebecca Thomas – Omorembe
  • Divinah Nyamwaka – Igwa Ogosaba
  • More loading…

Kisii music mix

  • The Kisii Songs Gospel mix
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Kisii gospel songs 2020

Listening to Kisii gospel music is not only entertaining but also relaxing to the burdened soul. Their meditative lyrics are useful in preparing the heart for spiritual prosperity.

There are hundreds of choirs, bands, and single passionate artists apart from your preferred contemporary gospel singers. These have already produced and released enough songs to fill up a playlist.

Many grounded and upcoming artists are collaboratively doing their best to brighten the world of Kisii Music. Even so, it is finally evident that Kisii gospel songs and artists are both doing better than ever before.

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