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Photo: Dangers facing Kisii University ladies and Kisii town slay queens . SRC: @Kisiiuniversityofficial

Kisii University Ladies: 3 annoying habits and what KSU freshmen should know about campus life

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The life of a Kisii University comrade is highly unpredictable depending on social aspects among them exposure and background. While a few are rich kids, the majority are not proud of their family history. The most vulnerable in trying to fit into the campus hype are Kisii University ladies, especially those in the freshmen category.

A purpose-driven stroll between Galilaya, Kisumu Ndogo, and Riverside is eye-opening on the impact of Kisii University. In between the economic progress are head-turning ladies whose social lifestyle will leave you in stitches.

3 annoying habits among Kisii University ladies

Campus is a free world where you should eat life with a big spoon as you mind your own business.

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This is the case for most college ladies except for a few who end up ruining their lives in these 3 ways.

1. An increased appetite for the slay queen factor

Some Kisii University ladies can sacrifice everything else for the slay queen factor.

As a result, they end up straining their parents, guardians, and boyfriends beyond ability.

What follows is a chase and run with Kisii town sponsors, lecturers, and deep pocket boyfriends.

The slay queen factor is indeed a number one trigger of fake lifestyles among ladies in higher learning institutions.

2. Overstaying in the library in the name of grades

Campus life is short to lock oneself in a library all day long – tell me about a boring routine.

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The desire for good grades should not at any point interfere with your social life. Similarly, your social life should not interfere with your grades.

Those who strike a balance between the two end up happy and with good campus memories.

Notice that the connections you create while in college are a stepping stone in your life after campus.

Most importantly, stay mindful of your grades, dating life, dress code, and then enrich your circle with supportive friends.

3. Liquor factor among Kisii University ladies

Campus is a place to dump your village linen in exchange for more productive life skills.

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On the contrary, most female learners from remote backgrounds end up chasing peer pressure instead of improving their social skills.

A web of boyfriends and addictive liquor habits are often the outcomes.

Kisii University ladies are gullible to several misses but that should not limit their sense of exploration. Overall, these young lasses deserve better having worked hard to earn their places at the high learning institution.

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