Kitengela Woman Stabs Kid

Kitengela Woman Stabs Kid, Angrily Cannibals Her Intestines & Kidney Following a Bitter Divorce

The world of strange happenings has recorded another bizarre killing of a 2-year-old daughter following a bitter divorce between Kenyan lovers. The Monday evening incident happened at Kitengela in Kajiado County. Heartbreaking revelations of ‘Kitengela Woman Stabs Kid’ are awash on social media.

Detectives have since arrested 27-year-old Olivia Naseren behind the heinous killing of biological daughter Glory Njeri.

Kitengela woman stabs her child video

Initial sources allege that Olivian Naseren separated from her husband taking away Glory Njeri in the process.

Neighbours say she was playing with the minor hours to the bloody killing and breaking of household items.

On the other hand, police reports indicate that Naseren locked the door before descending on her minor with a knife.

She proceeded to cut her into pieces as neighbours watched helplessly through the window.

The ongoing commotion did not stop Naseren from feeding on her daughter’s remains, particularly her intestines and kidney.

“Neighbours were attracted by noise from her house and they rushed into her room where they found she had locked herself inside alongside the minor. She began by breaking her TV set before she picked her baby whom she stabbed more than 100 times as neighbours watched in disbelief. She later dismembered her body and began eating the deceased body parts.”

Police Report on Kitengela Killing.

Eyewitnesses say she repeatedly pierced the innocent soul, about 100 times.

Police reports say the woman was unconscious at the time of breaking into the house.

“Juvenile aged two years old was sliced by the mother into pieces, and she later fed on her intestines the suspect was found at the scene unconscious and escorted to the Kitengela Sub-county Hospital for treatment.”

Police Report on Kitengela Killing.

The killer-mother was immediately rushed to Kitengela Sub-county Hospital for treatment pending investigation.

“Upon arrival at the hospital she was treated and forced to vomit the alleged body parts which are now part of the evidence in the case.”

Police Report on Kitengela Killing.

The remains of daughter were taken to Kitengela Sub-county Hospital morgue for autopsy.

The deadly incident comes within a few weeks of a Kikuyu woman poisoning her 3 children and a Kisii man beheading his two minors with a machete.

‘Kitengela Woman stabs kid’ is perhaps an indicator of mental illness. Similar cases of parents turning wild on their children have been reported before without proper scrutiny and action.

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