Koffi Olomide Net Worth Forbes

Koffi Olomide Net Worth Forbes 2024: List of Investments, Expensive Homes, Cars & Wealth Profile

The award-winning Koffi Olomide is among the wealthiest African artists; renowned for splashing cash on gold chains, bangles, designer clothing, expensive watches, branded sunglasses, and heavy gear cars. He has only been getting better at releasing street bangers since his entry into the entertainment industry in the early 70s. Koffi Olomide net worth Forbes is indeed at par with the luxurious lifestyle on our screens.

It is interesting how the 68-year-old Congolese singer born on July 13, 1956, has managed to remain relevant in the past 55 years. He continues to outshine the rest when it comes to classic entertainment in multi-million booking theatres across the world. To his advantage is a Congolese Rumba Ndombolo Soukous Music style.

Koffi Olomide Net Worth Forbes 2024

How rich is Koffi Olomide? Veteran singer Antoine Christophe Agbepa Mumba popularly called Koffi Olomide brags a net worth of $18 million which is the equivalent of Ksh. 280,000. A lump sum of this amount streams in from a stable music career with at least 30 albums and more than 300 hit songs.

A fan base stretching across Africa and beyond often camp at his premium world-tour shows, in the process, tripling his monthly income. Other channels of income are YouTube and Spotify.

Since launching his music journey, Koffi Olomide has sold several copies of his songs and made a fortune in the process.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo national does it all from singing to dancing, composing, arranging, and producing at good pay.

Working with deep-pocket celebrities and studios is a double blessing to his steadily ballooning wealth basket.

List of investments including houses

Where does Koffi Olomide live? Koffi Olomide owns a stately mansion in the hometown of Kisangani, DRC, and another castle valued at $1.7 million in Paris, France. Within the crib is a gym, basketball court, and SPA to name but a few decor.

Standing tall within Kinshasa, DR Congo is yet another homely property valued at $1.5 million. Further sources say that he is a swanky real estate investor in Belgium among other states.

Koffi Olomide manages all these first-class premises alongside his lovely French wife Aliane Olomide and 7 children among them Nzau, Minou, Elvis, Didi, Del, Saint, and Rocky.

He often credits his father Charles Agbepa and mother Amy Agbepa for the success.

Koffi Olomide Cars

When it comes to cars, Koffi is a lover of fuel guzzlers with speed and class. In his garage is a Rolls Royce Wraith estimated at a whopping $311,500. Parked next to the first Rolls Royce is another Rolls Royce worth $300,000.

Also in the fleet is a Mercedes Benz G-Wagon valued at $156,450. There are even more family rides in the collection.

List of awards & achievements

A few years back, Koffi Olomide made headlines for bagging four awards in one night during the Annual Kora Awards held in South Africa. In 1998, he scooped the Best African Artist Award.

In the recent past, he shelved the Best African Artist of The Decade.

Koffi Olomide net worth Forbes is awakening at the heights of fame with millions of fanatics in counting. Above all, he is among the 25 richest African musicians of our time!

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