Latest Crazy Kennar Fallouts

Latest Crazy Kennar Fallouts: Defectors Useful Idioty, Stanley Omondi, and Yvonne Khisa Stunts

Content cartel Crazy Kennar alias Kennedy Odhiambo is in hot waters yet again over an alleged breakup with some of his best vine mates. The latest Crazy Kennar fallouts are highly concerning among fanatics and critics.

A series of social media posts from crew members suggest depression in the making.

Latest Crazy Kennar Fallouts

The normally jovial Kennar chiselled his way into the limelight in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. He has since remained relevant with a few dropouts.

His latest post on social media read “DEPRESSION IS REAL,” following the cryptic message is broken heart emoji.

A concerned fan had this to say on his timeline.

“Buda !! Crazy Kennar! Take on the camera, Piga show…You still have your audience… a ship does not sink because of the water but the water that get’s in it. Nothing can stop you except yourself.”

Crazy Kennar fan, Subu.

Even so, A majority of fans are yet to understand the context of Crazy Kennar’s perplexing post.

Speculation of a possible content break-up emerged in the past week with Yvonne Khisa un-following him on social media. She went on to write;

“Toxic people acting as a victim is the funniest thing ever.”

Yvonne Khisa.

Another crew member reiterated the message saying.

“Men can leave you in the desert with no water. No, actually men will leave you in the desert with no water. Anyway, another day to remind you to fight for your space unapologetically.”

Wanjiru Africas.

In May 2023, Crazy Kennar parted ways with ‘Tales of the Crazy Kennar’ director Stanley Omondi, alias Stano.

“Crazy Kennar and I are on good terms; let’s stop the ongoing propaganda. Currently, I’m out of screen because I decided to do my own videos and I’m more than glad to see y’all love them. Keep supporting the whole team as well.”

Stanley Omondi.

In 2022, Crazy Kennar lost Stephen Otieno, better known as Useful Idioty. He said;

“I have not fallen out with anybody, I have started afresh.”

Useful Idioty.

The self-proclaimed Mr Mambwembwe says he is focusing on education and personal projects.

The latest Crazy Kennar fallouts have left comic relief addicts wondering about the next move without a majority of founding actors on board.

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