Leonidah Kemunto Death Story

Leonidah Kemunto Death Story: Family Crisis, 6 children, Burial, & the Agony of husband Omwega

Leonidah Kemunto death story is wrecking hearts following her painful demise in Saudi Arabia. The fact that she left behind six school-going children without a breadwinner is particularly concerning.

Speaking to Mwamogusii TV, Leonidah Kemunto Husband Zachary Omwega expressed his helplessness. On the other hand, her father Athanas Masese Okondo is reluctant.

Leonidah Kemunto death story

In August 2021, Leonidah left Gusiiland for Naivasha, where the father of her six children was working at the time.

Meanwhile, she used the help of her biological parents while processing the Qatar flight through Agent Mary.

Leonidah eventually departed in January 2022 leaving all the 6 children under the custody of her dad Athanas Masese Okondo.

For the record, Leonidah’s ancestral home is in Manywanda A village within Marongo Sub Location in South Mugirango Constituency, Kisii.

Her matrimonial home with her spouse Omwenga is, however, at Gionsaria Village near Nyamache town in Kisii County.

Leonidah Saudi Arabia cause of death

Mr Masese told Denis Onyamo of Mwamogusii TV that his daughter Leonidah died within three months of a strenuous stay in Saudi Arabia.

He further clarified that she was not paid between January and February.

“Huyu dada alikuja Saudi January na akupatana na majaribu akatorokia police na wakamurudisha office TABUK mwenye atamujua kwao ni bogirango kisii county na kwake ni bobasi nyamache Gionsiria number ya Mzee wake 0723127113 number ya mwenye wako na yeye office 0550751739. Ako mgonjwa ajielewi mwenye atakua na njia tumusaidie arudi Kenya.”

Martha Kwamboka [Facebook].

By March, Leonidah’s relationship with her boss had worsened to the extent of fleeing to the police station.

After days of no food, she was released but without peace. Insiders suspect that a meal she was thereafter served by her boss triggered severe stomach complaints.

Close family members believe that the allegedly poisoned food is what killed Leonida Kemunto of Qatar.

According to a relative Timothy Omwega, unpaid dowry and unmet children’s needs are suffering Leonidah’s biological and marriage homes a great deal.

Leonidah Kemunto death husband and children

Zachary Omwega who is a total orphan lived happily with Leonidah Kemunto for 15 years.

The couple sired six children among them 3 sons and 3 daughters. These include;

  • Firstborn son Onsoti – form two
  • Agnes Bonareri – class 3
  • Maria Zachary – class 2
  • Naom Kamboka – class 1
  • 4 years old lastborn twin boys

Before leaving for Qatar, Leonidah envisioned building a decent house and providing for her poverty-bounded children. Sadly, she died too soon.

Leonidah father & husband contacts

Use the following contacts for all Good Samaritan inquiries.

Husband Omwega0723127113
Father Masese0703671786

You can also call the associated welfare team through its Secretary Nancy (0718270613) and treasurer Dennis Onyamo (0728764827).

Leonidah Kemunto death story is a painful whip in her desperate family now in great need of well-wishers.

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