Linda Waiganjo Masaba Biography

7 Profile Facts in Linda Waiganjo Masaba Biography: Actor Amelia in Becky Series on Citizen TV

Becky telenovela on Citizen Television is home to some of the best screenwriters of our generation. In the cast are youthful thespians with a few veterans from previous shows. Actress Linda Waiganjo Masaba biography is particularly outstanding from the rest.

The widely admired Amelia flaunts beauty and fame in the entertainment industry. Even so, she continues to make a name for herself on the wide screens.

7 Profile Facts in Linda Waiganjo Masaba biography

Fanatics love Amelia for acting as Mama Lexy against all odds among them rejections.

Who is Amelia in the Becky series?

1. Amelia married her husband John Masaba in 2015

Actress Linda Masaba Waiganjo popularly called Amelia exchanged vows with her husband John Waiganjo in 2017.

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The couple has since been blessed with four adorable children, two sons and two daughters.

2. She grew up in the coastal region

Amelia is a half-cast of Kikuyu and Giriama parents.

Therefore, she is of the Kikuyu ethnicity despite spending much of her early years in the coastal region.

3. Amelia was born in 1978

Born in 1978, Linda Masaba Waiganjo age is 46 years as of 2024.

She credits her supportive family for prosperity in her acting career.

4. She is a traveler and entrepreneur

Apart from acting, Linda loves exploring nature and touring new places.

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She is also a devout businesslady with multiple ventures in her portfolio.

5. Linda is a brand ambassador at Kenya Airways

The neatly dressed Amelia is a brand ambassador at Kenya Airways.

She allegedly landed the well-paying gig out of her love for traveling.

6. She previously starred in the Kiu series

Linda has been acting for several years now, making her the best fit for the role of Amelia.

A huge following on social media is evidence that she is a likable character.

7. Amelia’s net worth is Ksh. 15 million

The wealth base of Linda Masaba is estimated at Ksh. 15 million, with multiple streams of income.

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These include a paycheck of about Ksh. 25,000 per episode on the Becky Series. She earns some more from personal investments and corporate deals.

Linda Waiganjo Masaba biography is indeed a source of inspiration to several upcoming actors.

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