Best Estates in Nakuru City

List of Best Estates in Nakuru City: 25 Places Where the Rich & Poor Live  and Cost of Housing

The newly incorporated Nakuru City with a population of about 570,000 is an Edenic capital within the Great Rift Valley. It is a sprawling economic hub with hustlers and tycoons at close range. We have summarized the long list of best estates in Nakuru.

Newcomers and residents often struggle to find an ideal neighbourhood for a comfortable stay. That should no longer be the case with our detailed review at hand.

List of best estates in Nakuru City

Away from the central business district are inner cities for low-income earners and leafy estates for high-end investors.

In between these lifestyle extremes are middle-income dwellings characterized by decent housing and fair distribution of social amenities.

1. Milimani Estate

The leafy Milimani Estate on the slopes of Menengai Crater is the ‘Karen’ of Nakuru City.

Where do the rich live in Nakuru? Apart from luxury and prestige, Milimani Estate is a haven of safety. Prime businesses in the area include recreational and poultry farming. It is where the richest people in Nakuru County call home.

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2. Racecourse Estate

A few meters from the CBD is Racecourse with several tourist attraction sites.

Residents of this estate bordering Lake Nakuru National Park are mostly natives and regional civil servants.

3. Section 58 Estate

A high level of infrastructure and sanitation define Section 58 as a dream estate for the economically advantaged.

Section 58 is about one kilometre from the heart of Nakuru Town. Key landmarks are Lord Egerton Castle and Hyrax Hill Museum.

4. Langa Langa Estate

Homeowners and middle-class workers prefer Langa Langa because of its affordable one-bedroom and two-bedroom houses.

Besides well-furnished and spacious rental houses is a steady supply of power and electricity. Notable places include Menengai Crater Viewpoint and Nyayo Gardens Park.

5. Whitehouse estate

Also at the foot of Menengai Crater is Whitehouse Estate, located along Nakuru – Nyahururu highway.

The surrounding is ideal with an abundance of trees and minimal noise pollution. On top of that are quality farm produce and greater access to daycare services.

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6. London Estate

To the northwest of Nakuru is London Estate populous with among other things drinking dens and a high crime rate.

The estate offers a good view of Lake Nakuru with the majority of inhabitants, students in Egerton and Moi Kabarak universities.

7. Satellite Estate

The estate is located approximately three kilometres from the Central Business District (CBD).

It is different from the rest within the vicinity of the Alps of Hotel Nakuru.

8. Naka Estate

Posh and elegancy define Naka Estate located along the busy Nairobi-Nakuru highway – 5 kilometres from the city.

In between the mushrooming settlement is the area police dog unit.

9. Bahati Estate 

10 kilometres from Nakuru town along Nakuru- Nyahururu road is the renowned Bahati Estate.

Good housing doubles up with hectares of agriculturally fertile farmlands.

10. Lanet Estate

Where is the safest place to live in Nakuru? Lanet is the safest estate in Nakuru because it houses military forces at Lanet Barracks.

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The estate is about 5 kilometres from the city centre.

Full list of best estates in Nakuru City

Other major estates in Nakuru city include;

  • Bangladesh
  • Bondeni
  • Freehold
  • Flamingo
  • Kaptembwa
  • Kiamunyi
  • Mawanga
  • Mwariki
  • Ngata
  • Pangani
  • Pipeline
  • Shabab

On average, rental houses cost anywhere between Ksh. 2000 and Ksh. 20,000 – sometimes lower or higher.

Inside the list of best estates in Nakuru are first-class habitations for the rich and makeshift structures for those in reduced circumstances. Most importantly, Nakuru is the fourth city in Kenya after Nairobi, Mombasa, and Kisumu.

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