Most Profitable Businesses in Kenya

25 Most Profitable Businesses in Kenya: List of Low-Risk Investment Ideas – Car Wash & Bakery

A parallel stream of income is everyone’s dream in a world where formal jobs are becoming scarcer by the day. We have sampled the most profitable businesses in Kenya to ease your startup experience.

While all business ideas are lucrative, it is important to pick one with the highest returns, and most importantly in line with the field where you are skilled, otherwise, hire people with relevant knowledge.

List of 25 most profitable businesses in Kenya

What are the best businesses to start in Kenya? Agriculture, fast food, and technology-related ideas are the most profitable with low risks.

While some of the enlisted ideas are suitable for passive earnings, a majority can make a full-time job with a sustainable income.

1. Wines and spirits business in Kenya

With all the necessary licensing and permits, wines and spirits are a gold mine business when situated in places that can attract frequent customers.

Good customer service and fair pricing at discounted rates are added advantages for those seeking to survive the stiff competition.

2. Cleaning and car wash business

Like most service-based business ideas, washing cars is a high-return venture with minimal maintenance cost.

All you need is a steady water supply and a reliable washing machine to start minting quick cash.

Medium-quality car wash machine prices in Kenya range from Ksh. 25,000, the cost is even higher for premium options.

3. Laundry business in urban areas

The importance of laundry work runs deep in our daily lives. Therefore, starting a laundry business is a sure investment, especially in populated areas.

Given the diversity of linens, using advanced washing machines is key to success in this profitable business.

For your information, quality service and high-volume laundry machine prices in Kenya are as low as Ksh. 50,000.

4. Cosmetics businesses in major towns

High-demand cosmetic products like nail polish, skin, and hair products present a ready market for anyone seeking to make an extra income.

These products go hand in hand with beauty services such as makeup, manicures, and pedicures. Luckily, you need minimal space to set up a fully operational cosmetic business.

5. Spare-parts sales business

Repairing high-end vehicles such as buses, tractors, and trucks attracts more profit, it requires higher investment. You can start low if running on a tight budget.

Perhaps the easiest to start is a spare parts shop for bicycles, motorcycles, and small cars.

6. Travel agency business in Kenya

Kenyans, especially those residing in major cities are naturally adventurous. Launch a travel agency and fulfil their dream of visiting beautiful places at reasonable pay.

Offer exemplary services and promote your business on leading social media sites for steady financial gain.

6. ICT services and Computer shop business

The list of computer business ideas is endless with untapped opportunities that can turn passionate investors into millionaires.

These include selling laptops, desktops, and CCTV-related accessories. It is advisable to establish the business nearby higher learning institutions.

7. Crispy & Fast food business

We all eat several times a day and in the process spend fortunes in the food industry. For that reason, businesses relating to food supplies do not disappoint.

Go the extra mile in making the food cheaper and more accessible for a bulky paycheck.

8. Design and landscaping business

Turn your knowledge in landscaping, gardening, and lawn care into bucks doing what you love.

There are hundreds of deep-pocket homeowners seeking the skill- such are willing to pay the price for a homely feel.

9. Security businesses in Kenya

With proper marketing techniques, the security business is a good choice because of the increasing demand in high-end institutions.

Well-trained guards can see you signing tenders worth millions at low maintenance costs.

10. Cake baking for weddings and events

You do not have to be a trained chef to invest in the bakery business. Get the right equipment and assemble a great team to get the work done.

Take orders from event and wedding organizers to keep smiling on your way to the bank.

11. Motorcycle repair business

Apart from selling spare parts, you can establish a repair centre for bicycles and motorbikes.

The latter is easier to start because it takes in minimal starting capital.

12. Mobile phone repair business

The demand for smartphone repairs and fixation is skyrocketing with increased purchases.

Earn a little more income by selling phone accessories alongside the repair desk.

13. Car hire and taxi businesses

Pool your disposable income into affordable cars and join the taxi business on various apps such as Bolt and Uber.

Driving people to their destinations at a fair price is suitable for part-time and full-time income.

14. Airbnb business in Kenya

Those with spare homes or rooms in strategic locations can make extra money renting them out to visitors.

These include local tourisms and foreigners on holidays, vacations, or work-related trips.

15. Beauty products and Jewelry business

The need for unique jewellery is unceasing, especially in a fashion-conscious population.

Promote your jewellery online and share the love with your friends. Even better, open a jewellery outlet to increase the purchasing power.

Full list of most profitable businesses in Kenya

  • Furniture business
  • Garbage collection
  • Open a hardware
  • Run a day care centre
  • Sell second hand clothes (mitumba)

Choose your preferred idea and actualize it today.

The most profitable businesses in Kenya are not necessarily those requiring intense capital. Start small and focus on growth while observing and adapting to various market trends.

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