Lulu Hassan Educational Background

Lulu Hassan Educational Background: From Salrene Travel College to Communication and Journalism

Citizen TV’s Lulu Hassan is a highly qualified Swahili newscaster and widely admired professional journalist on our screens. She commands a huge following alongside an equally talented spouse Rashid Abdalla. We look at Lulu Hassan educational background with emphasis on the schools attended and courses pursued.

The little-known academic journey of Rashid Abdalla’s wife is brief but evolutionally – it goes on.

Lulu Hassan educational background

Born in Mombasa County, Lulu Hassan attended Aga Khan Academy for her primary school studies.

What did Lulu Hassan study? On completing high school, she enrolled at Salrene Travel Operations College for a short course relating to her passion for the travel industry.

She eventually gained interest in the media industry with persistent encouragement from a colleague called Anthony.

“It started in 2005, nilikuwa receptionist in Mombasa company ilikuwa inaitwa Tech Biz limited, and it dealt with computers. So whenever I picked calls, there is a guy called Anthony, I’ve never met him but nakumbuka to date, aliniambia madam, ‘I love your voice have you ever thought of doing radio or TV?”

Lulu Hassan.

Speaking during a live interview on Hot 96, Lulu Hassan echoed her mother for persistent motivation.

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In 2008, at the age of 20 years, Lulu Hassan began working as a radio broadcaster at Radio Salaam despite having no background in journalism.

It was at this time that she decided to further her education, graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and Journalism.

Thereafter, she joined KTN Television before finding a new career home at Royal Media Services. On top of that, Lulu Hassan is the CEO and founder of Jiffy Pictures.

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The happily married Lulu Hassan is a mother of three children and a bearer of several awards, these include;

  • 2022: Mwanamke Wa Shoka (Woman of Inspiration) in East Africa
  • 2022: Best Movie/Series Producer of the Year in Africa (ZIKOMO Awards
  • 2021: Best Producer Award (TV Drama – Maria)

She brags even more accolades in her personal life and publicity.

Lulu Hassan educational background may not be outstanding but is surely touching lives in ways she could have never imaged about a decade ago.

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