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Magunas Supermarket Owner: From Hawker to Millionaire, Magunas Branches and Salary in Kenya

Magunas Supermarket Owner; from Hawker to Millionaire, Magunas Branches and Salary in Kenya

The rise of Magunas Supermarket amidst Kenya’s dwindling economy is a remarkable tale of the transformative power of dreams. We speak about Magunas Supermarket owner who beat all odds to succeed in the business world after starting out hustling as a village hawker.

Magunas Supermarkets Chain is a thriving business enterprise having branches in more than five counties in Kenya. Magunas is in the spotlight for flexing muscles with huge established stores such as Quickmatt, Tuskys and Naivas Supermarket.

Magunas Supermarket Owner

Who is the owner of Magunas supermarket? Simon Wachira is the astute business mogul owning the Magunas Supermarkets chain, Nokras Riverine Hotel and Spa, Hotel Nokras Murang’a and the newly opened Kilele Mall in Kenol.

Simon Wachira’s grace-to-grace journey dates back to a retail shop in Makuyu town, 30 years ago.

 Simon Wachira success story

Simon Wachira started hawking in the Makuyu market in the 1980s.

Wachira is on record narrating how he walked through dusty paths, hawking under the scorching sun. He managed to make savings, enabling him to open a retail shop in Mukuyu.

“The little I saved from my hawking helped establish a shop with a small loan. Let me tell you that you cannot expand any business without the backup from friends you have invested in along the way.”

Simon Wachira

As his retail business blossomed, the business magnet started Maguna Andu Wholesalers a few meters from the retail shop. He obtained goods on credit from manufacturers to grow his empire.

“For one to succeed, the payment for goods and services obtained is crucial for one to win the trust of players in the value chain.”

Simon Wachira

Maguna Andu Wholesalers further led to the opening of Magunas Supermarkets having branches in Nairobi and several parts of Mt Kenya.

 From the single retail in the Kwa Maji area, the wholesale business has now spread its roots and is backed by a fleet of vehicles delivering goods to the customer’s doorstep.

On top of that, Wachira ventured into the hospitality industry in 2012. He established Nokras Hotel (a four-star facility) that improved the status quo in Murang’a town.

Magunas Supermarket branches in Kenya

How many branches does Magunas supermarket have? Magunas supermarket has branches in Murang’a, Embu, Nairobi (Utawala and Kahawa Wendani), Nyeri, and Kitui counties.  

The extensive network of branches provides convenient access to its diverse range of products and services.

The retail empire has employed hundreds of youth and marketed products from local companies in the spirit of “Buy Kenya, Build Kenya.”

Magunas supermarket salary

The company places great emphasis on fair and competitive compensation, ensuring employees are rewarded appropriately for their dedication.

Therefore, Magunas supermarket salary will depend more on working hours – days, level of skill and the number of years worked in the organization.

On average, the salary of an accountant at Magunas supermarket is Ksh 70,000, a branch manager is Ksh 100,000 and a supervisor is Ksh. 50,000.   

Magunas supermarket has solidified its position as a prominent player in the industry and exemplified the spirit of success in young entrepreneurs.

Magunas supermarket owner´s humble beginning is a remarkable proof of dedication, perseverance and true entrepreneurial spirit.