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Maina Kageni Biography [Photos] Age, Parents, Brothers, Sisters, Cars, Education & Career History

Maina Kageni biography is a life story like no other owing to immense success and a cloud of controversies on mainstream media. Aside from running the best radio shows in Kenya, a fun-filled lifestyle often leaves his fanatics in stitches. Even more interesting are his radical views on dating and marriage. Turns out that some of the mind-boggling ideas shared by Maina and Kingangi on Classic 105 radio are only an extension of personal experiences.

Formerly a news presenter at KTN television network, Maina eventually found his soft spot on radio. Pairing up with Kingangi, alias Daniel Ndambuki from Churchill Show only spiced up his game.

Maina Kageni profile summary

Real namesFred Maina Kageni
BirthdayJune 29, 1974
Age50 years
CareerTV & radio host, businessman
Net WorthKsh. 250 million

Maina Kageni biography

Who are the parents of Maina Kageni? Maina Kageni’s father is the late Samuel Muhika Kageni while his mother is Rahab Wangui Kageni. He has a brother called Muturi Kageni and a sister called Chiku Kageni.

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Mzee Samuel Muhika Kageni died when Maina Kageni was only 2 years old, leaving him and his two siblings under the care of a single mom.

How old is Maina Kageni?

Born on June 29, 1974, Maina Kageni age is 50 years as of 2024.

The veteran radio host spent most of his childhood in Nairobi Kenya.

Maina Kageni educational background

The multi-talented Maina Kageni attended Westlands Primary School and later joined Laiser Hill High School for his secondary education.

Thereafter, he left the country for the United Kingdom to pursue a college degree. Sadly, he dropped out of school to become a truck driver and fish distributor.

In a recent interview, Maina recounted how disappointed his mother became on taking a flight to the UK only to learn he was missing from the graduation list. He has since chiseled his career path without a degree.

Career history

The highly experienced Kageni started with menial jobs during his stay in the United Kingdom. He would later work as a car dealer for several years, making profits from buying and selling vehicles.

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His great voice eventually dragged him to Kenya Television Network (KTN) for the role of a news anchor.

As we speak, he is a co-host of the morning-breakfast show, Maina and Kingangi, on Classic 105.

Maina Kageni girlfriend and wife

Why is Maina Kageni not married? Maina Kageni is still a bachelor strongly opposed to the idea of marriage, mostly because he loves freedom and cannot persevere enough to sustain a happy romantic relationship.

He is on record for advising men of his kind to think twice before exchanging vows in expensive ill-fated weddings. Maina admits that some of the things he hears about marriage are scary to the bone.

“If you love your freedom and you can’t persevere, stay single.”

Maina Kageni.

Is Maina Kageni straight? No, Maina Kageni is not gay. In an interview with Pulse, Maina firmly denounced gay rumors while confirming that his sexuality is straight. In a separate interview with Jalango TV, he admitted to loving women but not marriage.

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Therefore, he has never married any woman, except for an alleged baby mama and a secret crush on Sanaipei Tande. It is interesting how he manages to keep his casual girlfriends low-key.

Not much detail is public about Maina’s alleged son Nathan.

Wealth, luxurious cars, and homes

Maina Kageni has created multiple streams of income ranging from the mass media to property investments. Credible sources say that he is a multi-million real estate investor in Kenya, Miami, and Florida.

On top of that, he co-owns a modeling agency with P Square twins in Lagos, Southwestern Nigeria. He earns some more working as a brand influencer.

In the fleet of his fuel-guzzler cars is a Hummer and a BMW X6. How rich is Maina Kageni? Maina’s overall wealth base is estimated at Ksh. 250 million.

Maina Kageni biography oozes with inspiration for a legion of his fanatical following in their millions.

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