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Martha Karua Husband Photos: Divorcing Njoka, Justice GBM Kariuki, Family, and List of Spouses

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Martha Karua husband photos are trending following her recent appointment as a presidential running mate for the ODM Party Leader Raila Odinga. Particularly on the spot is the renowned Karua family including former spouses and children.

A majority of Azimio La Umoja Coalition supporters are convinced that she is the right candidate for the challenging task ahead. NARC Kenya Party Leader Martha Karua is indeed a woman to watch closely in Kenyan politics.

Martha Karua husband photos and profiles

Hon Martha Wangari Karua with a couple of children is presently unmarried following a bitter separation from her first husband Dr Major Charles Kamau Njoka.

Upon dumping Njoka, she settled with Justice GBM Kariuki until 2008.

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Martha Karua husband Doctor Njoka

The lovebirds Martha Karua and Dr Njoka met in the 1980s and fell in love almost uncontrollably; even though he was already a married man.

As a result, she changed her name to Martha Wangari Njoka. Unfortunately, love turned sour in 1989 prompting her to leave the toxic relationship.

At this point, she had no option but to reclaim her maiden name Martha Wangari Karua. Sources allege that Dr Njoka died a few years ago.

Martha Karua spouse Justice GBM Kariuki

After years of breaking up with Dr Njoka, Justice GBM Kariuki loved his legal colleague Martha Karua.

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Being a family man with children did not stop him from advancing Miss Karua for her beauty and genius tendencies.

Flooded with love, the former LSK Chairman GBM Kariuki stayed with Martha Karua for years only to split because of intensifying wrangles.

Recent publications indicate that Martha Karua and her ex-husband Justice Kariuki divorced in 2008.

It is still unclear why Karua and the High Court Judge sweetheart called it quits about 15 years ago.

Single and happy

The twisted love life of Martha Karua has seen her choosing to stay an independent woman free from spousal commitments.

In 2015, Karua and her NARC Kenya Party Director, Ceaser Ngigi Wanjau, were accused of a low key romantic affair. These unconfirmed claims have since melted away.

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Above all, the “Iron Lady” remains a charismatic and hardworking single mother with deep roots in national politics.

Born on September 22nd, 1957, Martha Karua age is 64 years as of 2022.

Martha Karua husband photos continue to circulate amid reports she has been heartbroken at least thrice. Politics aside, she is a proud mom of two adult children and the most beautiful granny in town.

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