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Martha Karua Marriage Life History: Wedding Photos, Ex-Husband, Love Story, & Matrimonial Home

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Martha Karua marriage life history continues to spark interest amid intense scrutiny on her ex-husband, children, parents, and close relatives. The Iron Lady has no business answering most of these personal attacks from her political opponents.

Born in 1957, Martha Karua graduated from the Kenya School of Law in 1981. She would start practising law and later meet the man of her taste. Little did she know that the affair was destined for a dramatic separation.

Martha Karua marriage life history & wedding

Karua met first husband doctor Charles Kamau Njoka in the 80s. The two lovers would later join in matrimony.

It is however unclear if Martha Karua and Dr Njoka walked down the aisle in an alleged wedding ceremony.

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After years of parting ways with Dr Njoka, Martha Karua fell at Justice GBM Kariuki’s advances.

The two lived happily until 2008 when the unexpected happened in their love life.

About 6 years ago, The Standard washed Karua’s dirty linen in the public with an expose publication titled “How ending my relationship with Martha Karua got me arrested- Justice GBM Kariuki.”

“Former Justice Minister, Martha Karua instigated the arrest and malicious prosecution of Justice GBM Kariuki when he walked out on her, that is according to documents filed in a civil suit at the High Court.”

The Standard.

Karua who was at the time serving as a cabinet minister in the regime of Mwai Kibaki suffered legal blows relating to her ex-husband Justice GBM Kariuki.

“He (Kariuki) read malice in his arrest and prosecution for ending his relationship with Karua, however, told the Chief Magistrate’s Court that he did not sue her because it is the State and not the Minister who prosecuted him.”

The Standard.

In the end, Justice Kariuki successfully sued the state for compensation amounting to Ksh. 5 million.

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No further information has since been leaked to the public about the short-lived romance between Justice GBM Kariuki and Martha Wangari Karua.

As we speak, Martha Karua is a mother of two children and a proud granny of one. She has it all documented on her Twitter profile.

NARC Kenya party leader is a resident of Nairobi City with yet another Ksh. 10 million land property at Tigoni in Kiambu County.

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Elsewhere, she owns a maisonette in her biological father’s home at Kimunye Village in Kabare Ward, Kirinyaga County.

The history of Martha Karua marriage life is full of bold steps that defy societal expectations. She lives on a happy woman with a dream of succeeding DP William Ruto.

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