MCA Mrefu Education

MCA Mrefu Education: A marketable Bachelor’s Degree that Kefa Mogaka Kebabe pursued at JKUAT

Kefa Mogaka Kebabe popularly called Mrefu is an alumnus of the famous Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, JKUAT. He flaunts a highly marketable bachelor’s degree. We take a closer look at MCA Mrefu education history and qualifications.

Mrefu may not be fluent in Swahili and English but is surely learned than most ward representatives in the Kisii County Assembly. He is way ahead having earned “The Power to Read and Do What Appertains” to his bachelor’s degree.

Kefa Mogaka MCA Mrefu education history

Kebabe Kefa Mogaka was among 4,733 graduands enlisted in JKUAT 2018/2019 graduation list.

In the 34th graduation ceremony held on Friday, 29th November 2019, was Mrefu in a graduation gown.

Mrefu who schooled at JKUAT, Kisii Campus, in Elimu Centre graced the day at the graduation square in Juja.

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Which course did Kefa Mogaka Mrefu study at JKUAT?

Kefa Mogaka Kebabe alias Mrefu majored in Bachelor of Science in Public Administration and Leadership.

Graduation photos circulating on Facebook show that he completed the course alongside a majorly of youthful comrades.

A classmate who spoke to this writer praised Mrefu for being friendly to both lecturers and learners.

“I remember Mrefu was very friendly and generously to all comrades, especially those who crossed his way within the Umoja Elimu Centre building. The luckiest were those who went into the elevator with him.”

MCA Mrefu classmate.

Unconfirmed sources allege that MCA Mrefu is a master’s degree holder from a Kenyan University.

Primary and high school? Not much information is publicly available about MCA Mrefu primary and secondary school education.

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Who is MCA Mrefu?

Kefa Mogaka originates in Kiamabundu Village located at the upper end of Milimani Estate in Kisii Town.

Therefore, he has witnessed the speedy growth of Getembe into the metropolitan Kisii Town we know today.

As a young boy, Mrefu worked as a hawker in Kisii town. Later on, the late Simeon Nyachae spotted him for his masculinity and charisma.

Before long, he became a KANU youth coordinator in Bosongo. He also attracted the attention of President Daniel Arap Moi on several occasions.

In 2002, Mrefu campaigned behind Ford People Kenya presidential candidate Simeon Nyachae.

After the elections, Mrefu became a councillor within Bosongo and has since been switching cards with his closest competitor, Monyenye.

In 2017, Mrefu succeeded Wilfred Monyenye Yoge aka Emamba in the local government assembly. Then again, he will face him in the August Polls.

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Mrefu Mrefu education and CV are both inspirational and controversial. On one hand, supporters feel that the question of his academics is overdue. On the other hand, haters cannot stop questioning his Public Administration and Leadership degree.

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