You are currently viewing List of Mcubamba Robbah songs, Ekio Nkiekio mp3 downloads, Egesongo Imabu Rende lyrics, video
List of Mcubamba Robbah songs latest download

List of Mcubamba Robbah songs, Ekio Nkiekio mp3 downloads, Egesongo Imabu Rende lyrics, video

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Egesongo Imabu Rende hitmaker Mcubamba Robbah is taking over in the entertainment scenes. Those who thought Ekio Nkiekio was Mcubamba’s climax are already dancing harder to his latest lyrical tunes. Indeed, the new habit of releasing trending singles is notable of the soft-spoken Kisii artist. Do not miss downloading and listening to the rhythmic playlist of Mcubamba Robbah songs and albums.

Emerging winner in the Gusii Creative Awards 2020, Male Gospel Artist of the Year, seems to have woken Mcubamba for greater heights. His hits are not only informative but also entertaining. Most importantly, they are doing well against other latest Kisii songs 2021.

List of Mcubamba Robbah songs 2023

Mcubamba songs are always the best option for weddings and other ceremonious events. The star has promised even more killer tracks in upcoming releases.  

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1. Egesongo Imabu Rende

The song speaks to the pride of the Kisii people and their rising literacy levels.

Mcubamba Robbah produced this viral song recently, and it has already garnered more than one hundred thousand views on Youtube.

The hit is another one from the New Home Muziq group under Dokta B.

2. Ekio Nkiekio Enyangi Narora

It is impossible to attend a Kisii wedding and miss hearing this melodic tune played multiple times.

Mcubamba produced the song specifically for Anita and Dan’s wedding at a little pay considering he was an upcoming artist at the time.

Little did the Kisii singer know that the track would eventually become his stepping stone in the music industry.

3. Mcubamba Robbah song Egetinginya

The song is an expression of Kisii art and culture at its best.

Besides speaking about the excellent reputation of the tribesmen, Mcubamba credits the wisdom in Gusii traditions.

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Dokta B produced this song with help from Fleek Magix Films (Neskon On Fleek) and Baraka Studios (Gravins) video directors.

4. Naanchire –Kisii wedding song

The song speaks directly to lovers on the eve of their wedding day. It encourages good vibes in weddings with expressions of sincerity and love.

Mcubamba deserves a crown for releasing hot wedding tracks after another.

5. Wewe ni Mkuu ft. Twila & Falenzy

The gem falls under the Kisii praise and worship songs category. It gives glory to God for being our conquerer and fighter.

Nitazidi Kukupenda and Mambi Engiya are others from his latest compositions and productions.

The list of Mcubamba songs is endless on his YouTube Channel. More so, his traditional tunes are both sensational and timeless.

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Notably, he is among top Kisii entertainers who scooped glory from the Mashujaa Day 2020 celebrations in Gusii Stadium, Kisii County.

Download Mcubamba Robbah songs

download ekio nkiekio by mcubamba robbah
Photo: Ekio Nkiekio by Mcubamba Robbah . SRC: @mcubambarobbah

Apart from YouTube, fans can now download and listen to Mcubamba songs from major music streaming sites.

These include,,, and Viusasa, among others.

Mcubamba Robbah contacts

  • Phone number: +254713258987

Churchill Show Live welcomed Mcubamba for a stage performance. This rare opportunity signifies that the musician is rising higher in the music charts.

Mcubamba Robbah songs stand out from the rest in the local music industry. They are mainly trending on, Viusasa, and because of clean content and educative lyrics.

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