Members of Parliament Salaries in Kenya

Members of Parliament Salaries in Kenya: List of Allowances, Grants, Benefits, & SRC Pay Scale

While SRC is still in charge of allocating salaries and controlling the wage bill, MPs have always attempted to stretch their paycheck. We look at the latest Members of Parliament Salaries in Kenya.

A total of 350 Members of the National Assembly constitute 290 elected MPS, 47 woman representatives, 12 nominees of various political parties, and a speaker serving as an ex-officio member.

Members of Parliament Salaries in Kenya

How much is the salary of a Kenyan MP? SRC records show that Kenyan Members of Parliament earn a monthly gross salary of Ksh. 710,000.

The amount excludes a section of lucrative allowances which could raise their perks to about Ksh. 1 million. Kenya MP salary and Allowances are tabulated below;

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Basic salaryKsh. 426,000
Sitting allowanceKsh. 7,500 (max 120k)
Airtime allowanceKsh. 15,000
House allowanceKsh. 150,000
Market AdjustmentsKsh. 134,000

Sitting allowances are applicable whenever an MP attends a house or Committee sitting. 

On top of that, each parliamentarian is entitled to a hefty 5 million car grant and a 20 million mortgage benefit.

As we speak, MPs cost the Government of Kenya over 295 million every month in salaries and grants.

The salary scale used to compensate senior government and corporate officials remains a steaming conversation even as other hardworking Kenyans struggle with a four to five-figure income.

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As a result, MP salaries in Kenya are still a huge debate considering it is a primary contributor to the ongoing wage bill crisis.

Personal assistant to Member of Parliament Salary

The law provides that each MP have one state-funded personal assistant in charge of overseeing projects and executing plans at the constituency level.

MP personal assistant salary in Kenya ranges between Ksh. 69,000 and Ksh. 163,000. Other officials in the pay group include ward coordinators, field officers, accounts assistants, and procurement assistants. On average, MP assistants receive Ksh. 85,000.

What Kenyan politicians earn per month

The Resident of Kenya takes the lion’s share from the tax-payers’ wallet.  

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Closely following are other bigwigs in the administrative hierarchy.

PresidentKsh. 1.44 million
Deputy PresidentKsh. 1.23 million
GovernorsKsh. 924,000
SenatorsKsh. 760,000
MPsKsh. 710,000
Women RepKsh. 710,000
MCAsKsh. 144,375

Both elected and nominated lawmakers earn a similar amount despite varied roles.

On their side, the 12-nominated parliamentarians focus on special interests relating to the youth and persons with disabilities.

Overall, the key roles of an MP include representing the people and allocation of government resources to their constituents. A string of these vital duties has only seen Members of Parliament salaries in Kenya on a steady rise.

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