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Mercy Gift Kwamboka of Tiktok: Cult, Kisii witchcraft, & sickness alleged causes of fatal death

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Several days have passed since Mercy Gift Kwamboka of Tiktok bowed out without warning. Unending interpretations of her final words are particularly shocking among supporters and residents.

Her last words left a section of followers accusing Kisii witches and the rest cult membership.

Mercy Gift death caused by a cult or witches

TikTok queen Mercy Kwamboka died while addressing her mother concerning a nearing death over which she had no control.

“Kama wameamua wameamua. Mimi nimeenda.”

Mercy Kwamboka.

The emotional Swahili sentiments loosely translate “If they have decided, there is no turning back. I have gone.”

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Who are these she was referring to? It is evident Mercy Kwamboka saw her death coming from a mysterious group of individuals with bad intentions.

Without a clear cause of death on her medical report, initial blames fell on Kisii witches considering they are notorious for hunting down prosperous tribesmen.

The rumour circulated fast and was unanimously adopted as the most accepted cause of her death. Others have since reasoned that she was a devil worshipper -illuminati.

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Explanations behind both theories are not satisfactory given they are far-fetched. Only a small percentage believe she succumbed on medical grounds.

According to close relatives, Kwamboka arrived in Kisii from Qatar in mid-February 2022.

About 4 weeks later, she felt an unusual cold that caused breathing difficulties.

In the end, she was admitted to the Ogembo Sub County Hospital and declared dead within hours.

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In conclusion, Mercy Gift Kwamboka of Tiktok may have otherwise rested from disease and not necessarily cult or witchcraft as earlier indicated.

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