Mercy Kwamboka Death Cause

Mercy Kwamboka Death Cause, Reactions, Funeral Photos, videos, was she killed by Kisii Witches?

Unfortunate twists around Mercy Kwamboka death story continue to rip hearts amid claims she was bewitched.

The sassy looking lady returned from the Gulf to her ancestral home in Mosensema, Magena, Kisii County, Kenya only to die within days under unclear circumstances.

Mercy Kwamboka death and funeral videos

Close relatives and friends believe Kisii witches plotted the death of Mercy Kwamboka in the prime of her youth.

Meanwhile, the cause of Mercy’s death is mysterious considering she was neither sick nor diagnosed with any disease at the point of her demise.

Reports circulating on social media [Facebook] indicate that Mercy travelled to the Gulf a couple of years ago.

Her return to Kenya in 2022 turned out disastrous while ongoing with a modern house for her parents.

Unable to breathe well, Mercy was rushed to Magena Dispensary and later Ogembo sub-county hospital.

Nancy Kansiime from Nyamache who doubles up as a colleague at Qatar says Mercy complained of coldness before breathing difficulties worsened.

She died with hours of symptoms – still a young woman determined to change the destiny of her low-income family.

“Mercy G Kwamboka came from gulf few days ago, she had just started building a house for her parents. A couple of days later she died. Her last words to parents ‘Kama Wameamua Wameamua, Mimi nimeenda’ she was not suffering from any condition.”

Facebook User, Eric Moboya.

Born in 2001, 21 years old Mercy Kwamboka Onywoki died on March 19, 2022.

In attendance at her funeral was a legion of TikTok and mainstream social media followers.

The funeral ceremony dated April 1, 2022, ended with mixed reactions and several unanswered questions.

The cause of Mercy Kwamboka death is still disturbing in a tribe notorious for witchcraft.

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