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Home » 2023 Mobile Phone Rates in Kenya: Communication Authority Drops Airtime Prices Amid Tough Times

2023 Mobile Phone Rates in Kenya: Communication Authority Drops Airtime Prices Amid Tough Times

New Mobile Phone Rates in Kenya Communication Authority Lowers Airtime Prices amid Tough Times

The government of President William Ruto has released new mobile phone rates in Kenya. The highly awaited price review comes at a time when the cost of living is a cause of distress in the country.

The Communication Authority of Kenya on Friday urged various telecommunication companies to review the pricing downwards from the current Ksh.0.58 to Ksh.0.41 per minute.

New Mobile Phone Rates in Kenya

CA authorities say that the reduction is part of the measures seeking to reduce the cost of living in the country.

The proposed changes are set for implementation in the coming year.

“In the latest review, the Authority has capped the MTRs and FTRs at KES 0.41 per minute with effect from 1st March 2024. The current SMS termination rate of 0.05 per SMS remains unchanged.

The new rate is informed by the prevailing economic environment, ICT market dynamics, and the need to strike a balance between the promotion of investment and the protection of consumers. Lower MTRs and FTRs mean lower calling rates for consumers. 

This decision will have positive outcomes for both the consumers and operators. Consumers will now enjoy access to a variety of affordable services across networks while operators will have more price flexibility in developing more affordable products.”

Communication Authority.

Even so, the new rates will strictly apply for two years effective March 2024.

Local mobile operators have already been asked to submit a report of their revised rates by February next year.

“Ahead of the new rates taking effect, all operators are required to vary their Interconnection Agreements in line with the Determination and file their Deeds of Variation with the Authority latest 1d February 2024.”

Communication Authority.

Cutting airtime charges across all mobile operators is a big win for the taxpayer.

The latest mobile phone rates in Kenya are highly welcome with expectations of further reductions in forthcoming years.

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