Msanii Music Group Contacts

Msanii Music Group Contacts: Telephone Numbers, WhatsApp, PayPal Address, Web & YouTube Channel

Msanii Music Group contacts are handy for anyone seeking to book the choir or its studio services. We have the addresses and telephone numbers for your guide.

The melody-filled choir continues to cross boundaries with a message of hope for all believers regardless of denomination.

Msanii Music Group contacts – Phone number

Members including the founding boss Joe Msanii can be reached through the following contacts.

These include donation accounts and social media links.


Msanii Music Group management includes the following;

  • Executive producer: Joe Msanii
  • Video director: Uncle Tim
  • Instrumentalist: Sheiy King
  • Sign language: Margret Nikita Akinyi
  • Assistant producers: Caleb Arasa, Ishmael Abuga, & Cohen Onsoti
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MMG YouTube Channel with at least 500k subscribers is a central hub for the choir.

Use Msanii Music Group contacts for further inquiries.  

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