Msanii Music Group YouTube Channel Hacked

Msanii Music Group YouTube Channel Hacked! Videos Deleted! Crypto Gang Blammed – Citizen TV Hack

Msanii Music Group YouTube Channel with nearly half a million subscribers was on Tuesday, March 21, 2023, hacked by unknown people who kept posting crypto-currency-related videos.

The unfortunate digital loss happened at the peak of the Msanii gospel ministry. Member singers settled for prayers in an attempt to regain the gold-mine channel.

Msanii Music Group YouTube Channel hacked!

The music group which started in April 2020 is now a home of world-class talents such as Joe Msanii, Kelsy Kerubo, and Lilian Kirui.

The studio-based SDA choir pleaded for prayers while confirming the cyber-attack on social media.

“Good morning family.

Our you tube account (Msanii Records) was hacked yesterday.

We are nolonger in control of the channel. However, we are working to see it restored.

Kindly remember us in your prayers,

Mungu mbele

All things will work out in Jesus Name .”

Msanii Music Group, Facebook (Mar 22, 2023).

About the same time last year (March 29, 2022) another crypto gang hacked Citizen TV YouTube channel with at least 4.1 million subscribers.

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Luckily, the channel was recovered within minutes.

Msanii Music Group Channel recovery

Posting on Facebook, Msanii Music Group confirmed recovery of the hacked channel, Tuesday, March 28, 2023.

The gospel team has since been posting new videos.

“Our You tube Channel Msanii Music Group is back

Neno litasimama. Tukutane Friday 31st March


Joe Msanii.

The praiseworthy music group is now in control with an exceeding fan base in East Africa and beyond.

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News about the Msanii Music Group YouTube Channel hacked are still in the air. Elsewhere, hacking is a grievous cybercrime in the Kenyan constitution. The offence is punishable with a fine not exceeding Ksh. 5 million or imprisonment of at least three years.

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