Trendy Narok Teacher Joyce Malit

Trendy Narok Teacher Joyce Malit Pictured Sewing a Pupil’s Uniform in Classroom Speaks – Video

Photos of Narok teacher Joyce Malit sewing a grade 2 pupil’s uniform in class are still warming hearts. Excited Kenyans are particularly drawn by her motherly expressions.

The 56 years old Joyce Malit is an educator at Syiapei Primary School in Narok North Constituency. She is praiseworthy for wrapping the 8-year-old pupil in a leso while mending her torn school uniform.

Trending Narok Teacher Joyce Malit

The profile of Mrs Malit indicates that she has been teaching for the past 34 years. On top of that, she is a happily married woman with three children.

Speaking to the press, Mrs Malit says interacting with pupils from diverse backgrounds is a fulfilling passion.

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She says the little girl’s dress was severely torn by a nail on the desk, as a result exposing her undergarments in class.

It is her colleague Sabina Esho who gave her a leso even as Mrs Malit was fixing the dress.

Further sources say the pictured minor walks 2 kilometres every day to attend classes. Mrs Malit says she is always armed with a needle for the love of her pupils.

The excited Malit is surprised at the warm reception streaming in from touched Netizens.

Her dream is to meet President William Ruto as an ambassador of the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC).

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On Monday morning, Mrs Malit emotionally received a flower from the girl whose dress she fixed a few days ago.

She has also appealed to the Teachers Service Commission CEO Dr Nancy Macharia to recognize her long service with an employment grade increment ahead of the fast approaching retirement.

Narok Teacher Joyce Malit continues to unite Kenyans in the spirit of service to humanity.

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