North Eastern Teachers Demand Transfers

North Eastern Teachers Demand Transfers over Insecurity in the Region: TSC Delays Transfers

Hundreds of teachers hailing from Mandera, Wajir, and Garissa counties have taken a stand outside the TSC headquarters in Nairobi to address their pressing concerns. The North Eastern teachers demand transfers over increased insecurity in the region.

The educators have collectively expressed their determination not to resume their teaching duties until they are relocated from the region.

North Eastern teachers demand transfers over Insecurity

The educators voiced their dissatisfaction on Tuesday, August 29, 2023, with the lack of response from TSC officials, who are responsible for overseeing the transfer process.

Despite their pleas for assistance in relocation, the teachers claim that their requests have fallen on deaf ears

 “All we want is transfer and only transfer. We cannot be under army escort all the time like we are some sort of narcotic drugs. And even when we are escorted, the armed forces are behind our buses so we are exposed to danger. We are now saying No to Mandera,”

Said one of the teachers.

Their primary request is for transfers, emphasizing that the current situation forces them to be under constant army escort, which they find demeaning and restrictive.

The teachers strongly assert their refusal to continue working in Mandera under these circumstances.

Professor Kindiki, representing the teachers, has highlighted the numerous threats faced in the Northern region.

Intelligence reports indicate an increase in the presence of terror groups, which has contributed to the teachers’ heightened concerns for their safety.

 “We are facing a number of threats in the Northern region. We have intelligence that the terror groups have increased for reasons beyond us,”

Prof Kindiki.

Tragically, the region experienced a devastating loss in 2014 when 28 teachers lost their lives during an attack on a bus they were travelling in while en route to Nairobi for the December holidays.

The North Eastern teachers demand transfers due to escalating insecurity. Their principled stance involves a refusal to return to their posts until they are relocated from the area.

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