Granny Kisii Boda Boda Rider

Granny Kisii Boda Boda Rider: 62 Years old Anna Nyaboke Excites MCA Arika & Arati’s Wife Kwamboka

62 years old Anna Nyaboke is a notorious granny Kisii boda boda rider in town! At her age, she is still vigorous and passionate about earning a living from the motorbike industry.

Speaking to the Daily Nation, Nyaboke said she is a senior rider at Riamasagara boda boda stage in Kisii County. Even so, she is a resident of Suneka town and a native of Nyamira County.

Granny Kisii Boda Boda Rider Anna Nyaboke

Anna Nyaboke says it is challenging to work as a boda boda rider for among other reasons, gender discrimination.

Being a motivation to the girl child is perhaps the biggest motivation in her muscle-intensive career.

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Celebrating Mother’s Day

Ibeno Ward MCA Stephen Arika graced Anna Nyaboke to give Simba Arati’s wife Kwamboka a grand arrival at the recent Mother’s Day Event.

Mr Arika had this to say about Nyaboke.

“I invited Nyaboke to the function and told our first lady to board her boda boda to drive the point home- women are capable of getting into the transport business… Many young women were surprised seeing Kwamboka being carried by the elderly lady.”

MCA Stephen Arika.

The Kisii County First Lady was particularly impressed at how Nyaboke is using her boldness to empower other women.

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MCA Arika is planning yet another grand celebration, come Father’s Day on June 18th.

“Dads are often forgotten and I want to encourage the men. We will have doctors screening for prostate cancer and a 10-minute football match.”

MCA Stephen Arika.

Elsewhere, Charlene Ruto was nicknamed Nyaboke in a recent Kisii Youth Summit held at Kisii University.

The first daughter who had dressed to impress said “Massive thanks to them for hosting us and giving me my new name Nyaboke.”

Above all, the green light continues to shine on the way of women born into domestic violence-torn backgrounds.

Anna Nyaboke is opening new possibilities despite being the oldest and granny Kisii boda boda rider in town.

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