You are currently viewing Onsongo in Churchill Show, Big Laughs, Sirbalo Comedy, Nicholas Kioko, and Alex Mathenge videos
Photo: Onsongo in Churchill Show Big Laughs Comedy Central . SRC: @onsongo_Comedyke

Onsongo in Churchill Show, Big Laughs, Sirbalo Comedy, Nicholas Kioko, and Alex Mathenge videos

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Comedian Onsongo toured Nairobi City for the second time alongside directors Dunco Ochonjo and Mike Wako. His stay in the capital was highly rewarding with more subscribers and celebrity connections. Above all is an electrifying performance of Onsongo in Churchill Show.

The newly launched Big Laughs Show gave Onsongo direct access to the international audience. Such a rare opportunity came after meeting Sirbalo and Daniel Ndambuki Churchill. Most importantly, Onsongo did not disappoint.

Comedian Onsongo in Churchill Show, Big Laughs jokes

Thousands chanted as Onsongo was making a grand stage entrance in the Big Laughs show.

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The excited Mwalimu Daniel Ndambuki alias Churchill received him warmly and went on to play his favourite CBC clip.

What followed is a crack some casual conversation. His first joke “mimi sipendi mwalimu” ignited a burst of prolonged laughter.

In another joke, Onsongo confessed dreaming to become a mercenary when he grows up.

When asked to say a final word to the people of Nairobi, Onsongo told them to stop Umbwakini which means stops dog habits.

Churchill who was impressed by the confidence went on to promote the Onsongo Comedy Ke YouTube channel.

Onsongo Sirbalo comedy videos

Funny clips of Onsongo struggling to speak English with Nigerian comedian, rapper, and singer Sirbalo, real names Timothy Obotuke, have been making our day.

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Apart from Onsongo, Sirbalo met other top figures such as DJ Shiti, Alex Mathenge, Henry Desagu, and actress Tabitha Gatwiri.

Comedian Onsongo in Alex Mathenge latest videos

“Onsongo ametukana polisi Alex Mathenge” featuring corrupt Kenyan policemen left fans talking.

Mathenge who could not give the asked Ksh. 10 suffered the shame of not knowing how to handle the stubborn Onsongo.

Onsongo in Churchill Show and other big stages in Nairobi

Comedian Onsongo was in Nairobi for a few days but managed to meet several other personalities among them Presenter Ali and Nicholas Kioko.

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Overall, Onsongo was more charming on the latest trip to Nairobi compared to the former.

Photos and videos of Onsongo in Churchill Show have proven that the young comic is an inborn talent. Hitting more than 100k subscribers on YouTube says more about the 10 years old star from Kisii.

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