You are currently viewing Onsongo latest drama with ‘girlfriend’ Manzi wa Nyeri, Mike Wako, and YouTuber Nicholas Kioko
Photo: Onsongo latest drama videos with Manzi wa Nyeri, Mike Wako, and Nicholas Kioko . SRC: @Nicholas_Kioko

Onsongo latest drama with ‘girlfriend’ Manzi wa Nyeri, Mike Wako, and YouTuber Nicholas Kioko

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It has been a few weeks since Manzi Wa Nyeri alias Caroline Murage declared true love for comedian Onsongo from Kisii. The fact that she is 8 years older is a new twist in comedian Onsongo latest drama series.

Manzi wa Nyeri switched love gears to Onsongo days after losing in Eric Omondi wife material challenge. She has since confessed deep feelings for the fast-rising jokester.

Comedian Onsongo drama with ‘girlfriend’ Manzi wa Nyeri

Interviews staged by Kenyan YouTubers Nicholas Kioko, Mzuka Kibao TV, and MJK of Swift Media KE started rants about Caro and Onsongo in a relationship.

In these clips, Manzi wa Nyeri offered love to the young and naive Onsongo only to receive a rejection.

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She tried again until Onsongo could not help but say “Nimekubali.” Even so, fans are yet to understand how a beautiful 18-year-old city girl can truly love a 10-year-old village boy.

Onsongo Comedy finally meets Manzi wa Nyeri

An exclusive video by Nicholas Kioko displays Onsongo and his crush Manzi wa Nyeri desperately trying to bond.

The two met on October 31, 2021, fueling mixed reactions after what seemed like staged scenes.

Meanwhile, shyness ruled Onsongo even as he tried to avoid any possible eye contact with the tear-soaked Caro

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A surprise reaction in Onsongo latest drama series

Manzi wa Nyeri who cares less about her noticeable age difference with Comedian Onsongo remained jovial for the better part of the conversation.

On his side, Onsongo made it clear on being young and unready for a romantic relationship.

Onsongo went on to reason that by the time he will be done with school, Manzi wa Nyeri would have become a granny.

Manzi wa Nyeri disagreed with Onsongo assuring to remain hot until he is done with school.

Work-based relationship?

Manzi wa Nyeri mentioned wishing to collaborate in Onsongo latest drama series.

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In response, the briefly speechless Onsongo opened up about wanting Manzi wa Nyeri to become his bodyguard girlfriend.

Ochonjo Dunco went on to advise Mike Wako and Culture Six on working their way out of the love triangle.

Trending on Facebook and TikTok are Onsongo latest drama videos with Manzi wa Nyeri. Also, on the Onsongo Comedy Ke YouTube channel are more than 100k subscribers with enough love and laughter.

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