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Photo: Onsongo net worth and salary after exceeding 100k YouTube subscribers . SRC: @Onsongo_comedyke

Onsongo Net Worth: Salary, monthly YouTube Earnings, Sources of Income, and Latest Wealth Stats

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Onsongo Comedy Ke YouTube channel with more than 200k subscribers with hundreds of videos and thousands of views. These milestones expose what a talented 12 year old can achieve within a few months. Apart from steady YouTube subscribers is a fast-rising Onsongo net worth value.

Top Kenyan celebrities have spelt a bright future for the young and creative Abraham Onsongo Nyakundi. He is already accumulating layers of wealth in quick succession.

Comedian Onsongo net worth

Abraham Onsongo salary is at least Ksh. 100,000 from the latest YouTube earning records.

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The figure could be higher depending on views received within a particular month.

He bags additional income from endorsements, donations, sponsorships, and affiliate marketing among other lucrative deals.

Comedian Onsongo is finally banking a fortune and may soon enrol in the list of millionaire Youtubers such as Mungai Eve and boyfriend Trevor.

Meanwhile, here is a list of fast upcoming Youtubers in Kenya.

List of fast rising Youtubers in Kenya

Fast rising Kenyan Youtubers include these 11 high net worth content creators.

  1. Timothy Njuguna
  2. Henry Desagu
  3. Maxine Wabosha
  4. Joanna Kinuthia
  5. Chebet Ronoh
  6. Over 25
  7. Crazy Kennar
  8. The Green Calabash
  9. Mungai Eve
  10. Sharon Mundia
  11. Flaqo Raz
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Others in the list of tycoon Youtubers are Nyashinski, Jalango TV, Mando Sarro, Nancie Mwai, and Joy Kendi.

Who is the owner of Onsongo Comedy Ke?

Abraham Onsongo Nyakundi owns Onsongo Comedy Ke YouTube Channel. He is also a lead content creator on the platform.

The channel came to the limelight for tripling in subscribers from 30k to 100k in a matter of weeks.

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Overall, the young comedian has already started eating life with a bigger spoon.

Onsongo net worth value is on the upward trend with an excited audience. The underage comedian credits a legion of supporters for his overnight success.

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