Youtubers behind Onsongo videos

7 Youtubers behind Onsongo videos and funny short clips taking Kenyans by storm on social media

Abraham Onsongo Nyakundi is a fast-rising Kenyan comedian with an outpouring of love from supporters. The recently infamous village boy is now among the leading Kisii YouTubers. The humorous Onsongo videos are also viral on TikTok thanks to these 7 supportive media personalities.

The success story of gagster Onsongo stems from luck and hard work. Kenyans love him for his genius jokes and mature sense of humour. The school going Onsongo is indeed a CBC product having discovered a precious talent on our screens at a young age.

7 Youtubers who supported Onsongo videos online

The multi-talented Onsongo would have not stepped on the red carpets were it not for these 7 good Samaritan YouTubers.

1. Inajoma Comedy Entertainment

Onsongo is a product of Inajoma Comedy Actors Culture Six and Prince Davy.

Culture Six is a manager of the Onsongo Comedy Ke brand on YouTube.

Speaking to Swift Media Ke, Onsongo hinted at being a cousin to Culture Six and Prince Davy.

For the record, Prince Davy and Culture Six are lately working under Telmo World Media which belongs to Baba Jackie.

2. Tamba Show on Nyamwembe TV

It is on Tamba Show that Onsongo did his debut interview on July 21, 2021. What followed is a hiked interest in his clips.

Dennis Nyamwembe gave Onsongo a priceless platform that enabled him to attract instant fame.

3. Mike Wako Comedy & Onsongo videos

The comedian dual of Mike Wako Channel noticed Onsongo for being a comic and using their effects to exaggerate his jokes.

What followed is a linkup between Culture Six and Mike Wako actors following which the jocular Onsongo cemented the relationship.

4. Citizen TV anchor Lulu Hassan and Nicholas Kioko

A funny video of Onsongo asking for a coconut and dera dress touched the heart of television star Lulu Hassan.

The clip went viral for the fact that Onsongo had said coconanti instead of coconut and della instead of dera and maambuyu instead of mabuyu.

In turn, Lulu Hassan responded to Onsongo with a rare invite to Citizen Television studios.

On top of the 3 requests, Lulu Hassan gifted Onsongo with a brand new camera.

YouTuber Nicholas Kioko also deserves credit for linking Onsongo with Lulu Hassan.

Most importantly, Kioko promoted Onsongo with a video of close to one million views on YouTube.

5. Mungai Eve featuring Onsongo videos

Youtuber Mungai Eve also brought Onsongo to the limelight by sharing his hot vibes with more than 360k subscribers on her channel.

The two went on to stage fame minting conversation with jokes in each breath.

6. Presenter Ali the entertainment PA

Onsongo was recently in Nairobi City County under the custody of Mike Wako.

The Swahili fluent Presenter Ali is among a few celebrities who engaged Onsongo during his short stay in the city.  

Following an exclusive interview with Presenter Ali came even more subscribers of the Onsongo Comedy channel.

7. Swift Media KE

Apart from interviewing Onsongo, Swift Media Ke have been championing the success of the Onsongo Comedy Channel.

The youngster and his team must be proud of the goodwill that Swift Media has demonstrated so far.

Abraham Onsongo videos

In addition, the funnyman has benefitted a huge following from Bob Media Studio and White Media Kenya.

He is no doubt a big name on all social media platforms. Above all, Onsongo looks up to his role model Papa Antivirus for inspiration.

All latest Onsongo videos share the same natural touch and glamour. Consistency is mainly admirable because it means a bright future in the making for the young Churchill of Kisii.

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