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Kamel Park Hotel owner, photos, swimming pool, menu, room cost, helipad, location, wiki contacts

Who is the owner of Kamel Park Hotel Location, swimming pool, helipad, menu, cost, and images

Kamel Park Hotel is a place not to skip in your upcoming vacation or retreat. The destination restaurant compares to none other in the Gusii region. Its artistic facilities and customer-driven services are priceless. We have answers to the question regarding who is Kamel Park Hotel owner and more.

The hotel brags a helipad and is already a vast hospitality investment a few years into business. A stream of fun seekers from across the world flock in regularly to experience their vacation dreams. The hotel’s general feel, location, and menu are all exquisite, beautiful, and serene.

Who is the Kamel Park Hotel owner?

Kamel Park Hotel Kisii owner is Haron Kamau, a wealthy Kisii based entrepreneur and tycoon in the famous Transline Classic company.

Transline is notorious for dominating the Kisii – Nairobi route alongside rivals such as Ena Coach bus and Gurdian Angel travellers.

Mr. Kamau is a vibrant businessman with several investments in other parts of the country. A closer look into the costly structures at Kamel Park suggests deep pockets.

Kamel Park Hotel, Kisii location, menu, and cost per night

Here is everything you need to know about Kamel Park, a must visit destination hotel at the heart of Kisii County.

Kamel Park Hotel Kisii location

The flashy Kamel Park is highly accessible from Kisii Town, along the busy Kisii – Kilgoris Road.

The hotel sits near Kiogoro Market centre and is within the vicinity of Nyanguru Hills.

Kamel Park location (site) is ideal; overlooking the densely populated Kisii Town and its hill-rippling surrounding.

Kamelpark.com restaurant menu

The hotel has a wide selection of breakfast, lunch, and dinner dishes. For instance, a soup of the day goes at $4.5, about Ksh. 450.

Also, the hotel serves coffee or tea at $5.75, roughly Ksh. 600.

Swimming pool cost for children and adults

Travellers agree that Kamel Park is by far the best place for water paddlers in Kisii County. The hotel boosts wide and deep waters with enough skilled personal swimming trainers.

It costs anywhere between Ksh. 300 and KSh. 1,000 to have a refreshing Swimming pool experience at Kamel Park.

5 star Kamel Park Rooms and rates

Comfort, elegancy, and affordability is a brief description of Kamel Park lodging, accommodation, and  services. We have a break down for you.

1. Standard rooms at $59 per night (Ksh. 5,900)

  • Bedrooms: 1
  • Max guests: 2
  • Room size:35 square meters

2. Superior rooms at $72 per night (Ksh. 7,200)

  • Bedrooms: 1
  • Max guests: 2
  • Room size:35 square meters

3. Deluxe rooms at $98 per night (Ksh. 9,800)

  • Bedrooms: 2
  • Max guests: 2
  • Room size: 50 square meters

4. Executive Deluxe rooms at $125 per night (Ksh. 12,500)

  • Bedrooms: 2
  • Max guests: 4
  • Room size: 40 square meters

5. Family rooms at $165 per night (Ksh. 16,500)

  • Bedrooms: 2
  • Max guests: 6
  • Room size: 60 square meters

6. Luxury rooms at $195 per night (Ksh. 19,500)

  • Bedrooms: 2
  • Max guests: 4
  • Room size: 50 square meters

Notice that the figures provided in Kenyan shillings may not be accurate because of varying currency values.

Therefore, make sure to check the latest currency rates against the dollar values.

Kamel Park Hotel Kisii owner speaks at last

Haron Kamau started building Kamel Park Hotel at Kiogoro in 2015. He joined hands with, Oasis Architect, Joshua Asati in sketching the plan.

Mr Joshua Asati, about 30 years as of 2021, played a key role in coming up with the hotel’s modern design.

Mr Kamau and Asati aimed to come up with an hospitality centre where people could freely relax, interact, play, and adventure away from the noisy Kisii Town central business district.

Interestingly, the founding boss at Kamel Park was actively involved in the drawings and construction processes.

Kamel Park Helipad for helicopters

Having an helipad is advantageous at Kamel Park. It makes the hotels a tourist centre above competitors such as Ufanisi Resort Kisii and Zonic Hotel, and Dans Hotel among others.

Kamel Park Hotel owner reveals it is all imported

Kamau Haron recently revealed that he imported Kamel Park’s architectural designs from foreign states, China and Dubai.

However, contractors used locally available materials such as cypress logs to slash the cost, while keeping a fixed eye on quality.

Kamau’s confirmation explains why the hotel houses cool articifial ambience levating features such as waterfalls, bridges, cliffs, and caves.

Oasis Architect Joshua Asati

Joshua Asati biography and CV reveals that he has designed more than 70 classy buildings in the course of his professional career.

Asati Joshua currently works in Oasis Architects Ltd, a family owned business.

Miggy Champ a brand Ambassador at Kamel Park

Did you know that the famous Kisii musician Miggy Champ is a brand embassador at Kamel Park? Now you do.

More of Haron Kamau businesses and properties

The 5 star Kamel Park Kisii owner is a major shareholder in several other Kenyan  businesses.

Haron Kamau is a large scale livestock and maize crop farmer in Nakuru County.

In addition, he is former owner of a Kisumu based petrol station and a restaurant in Nakuru.

Sources allege that Kamau gave up the two businesses to concentrate on his latest empire.

Kamel Park Hotel Kisii jobs latest

Check kamelpark.com often to spot and apply as a catering or technical staff member at the hotel.

Those with qualifications in hospitality management have an added advantage when shortlisting.

Kamel Park Hotel owner Haron Kamau biography

Mr. Kamau is a dynamic tradesman with huge stakes in public transport line, farming, and petroleum entreprises.

How old is Haron Kamau?

The owner of Kamel Park Hotel, Haron Kamau, is about 48 years old as of 2021.

He is a sharp looking gentleman with a keen eye on emerging capital opportunities.

Kamel Park Haron Kamau wealth

Haron Kamau has confirmed using huge profits from Transline Classic to establish the luxurious Kamel Park Hotel, Kisii.

He admits receiving huge returns from investments in public transport business.

Kamau’s Kamel Park hotel drags on amid the economic slash occasioned by coronavirus travel restrictions, including lockdowns and curfews.

Kamel Park Hotel phone contacts

  • Phone: +254714 386594
  • Website: kamelpark.com
  • Email: reservations@kamelpark.com

Call to book for a meeting, lodging, or event. Also, make further inquiries on various services offered at Kamel Park.

Who is Kamel Park Hotel owner remains a question, those who behold cool pictures from the restaurant can not ignore. We now know that the Kiogoro based resort tycoon is Haron Kamau, a leading investor in Transline Classic.