Pastor Ezekiel Church Photos

Pastor Ezekiel Church Photos: Danstan Omari & Cliff Ombeta Fight New Life Church Deregistration

Pastor Ezekiel church photos are awash on social media even as the ongoing fight with the state continues to get nastier. He risks losing the New Life Prayer Centre should the Registrar of Societies illegalize the church.

As we speak, Pastor Ezekiel and his able lawyers are at the crossroads of stopping authorities from deregistering his church.

Pastor Ezekiel Church Photos & Shakahola links

Legal players Dunstan Omari and Cliff Ombeta are afraid that the state is out to frustrate various development projects that Pastor Ezekiel had initiated.

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They claim no substantial evidence has been found to justify the underway lawsuits against the clergy.

“If you close down the church, you not closing down Ezekiel’s church but that of the people.”

Lawyer Danstan Omari.

The Registrar of Societies claims that Pastor Ezekiel failed to file his annual returns.

Authorities are now expecting him to explain why his church should not be closed down within 21 days.

Meanwhile, his legal team is pushing the Communication Authority of Kenya (CA) to reopen Pastor Ezekiel’s television station.

“We are fighting another petition before the Constitutional and Human Rights division to challenge the decision by the CA to close down the television station, which is a tool for preaching. 

The pastor does not have one account to his name. They are all under the church.”

Lawyer Danstan Omari.

Pastor Ezekiel continues to hire more lawyers as he maintains innocence.

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“Our client maintains his innocence and commitment to assist you in your investigations but requests that henceforth, any invitations or summons to him to do anything permissible in law should be done through and with the knowledge of his legal representatives.”

DCI Boss Amin Mohammed.

Apart from money laundering, televangelist Ezekiel is suffering close ties with Shakahola mastermind, Pastor Paul Mackenzie.

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Pastor Ezekiel church photos speak of immense prosperity in the ministry. He now risks losing it all in the event of an unfavourable ruling.

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