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Pastor Ezekiel Holy Water – Handkerchiefs Seized Alongside Hard-Drives – Lawyers Ombeta & Omari

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Pastor Ezekiel holy water & handkerchiefs were recently seized by detectives. Also fetched during a random crackdown at the New Life Centre are critical files about the controversial ministry in Kilifi County.

The search comes within days of the Nyota Televangelist walking clean from the court of Law for lack of sufficient evidence on various charges raised against his ministry.

Pastor Ezekiel holy water & hard disk seized

Some sources allege that Pastor Ezekiel Odero’s immense wealth is a proceed of personal investments and spiritual donations.

These include millions earned from selling holy water & handkerchiefs to the miracle-thirsty followers. His legal team had this to say about the unexpected raid.

“Officers from ATPU came to church on Tuesday and took communication items, computer drives, holy water, and handkerchiefs, explaining that it was for purposes of expert analysis.”

Lawyer Cliff Ombeta.

Lawyers Cliff Ombeta and Dunstan Omari allege that the involved Anti-Terror Police Unit confiscated additional items including computer drives and communication gadgets.

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The Ministry of Pastor Ezekiel continues to deny accusations of being Pastor Paul Mackenzie’s accomplice.

Pastor Ezekiel of New International Life Church, Kilifi, was arrested on April 27, on accusations of being pastor Paul Mackenzie’s accomplice.

Speaking at a press briefing, Coast Regional Commissioner Onyancha confirmed the arrest, adding that Odero’s church was closed. 

“This morning we have arrested Pastor Ezekiel Odero for allegations of the deaths that have been occurring at his premises and reported in various media institutions. 

We have also taken action and closed the prayer centre. We are urging and giving information to the public that the church has been closed and whatever was in there has been cleared out.”

Coast Regional Commissioner Onyancha.

Claims that Ezekiels’ aides have been dropping undocumented bodies at a local morgue are yet to find light.

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Similar investigations are ongoing on his 16 bank accounts and family wealth base.

“It is necessary and desirable to issue the applicant with a warrant to investigate books of bank and mobile money services accounts so as to authorize the officer to have access to books relating to several account numbers.”

Court Ruling.

The government is undone with the renowned preacher even as the prosecution of Pastor Mackenzie is ongoing.

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Pastor Ezekiel holy water & handkerchiefs taken by detectives will possibly serve as evidence alongside hard drives in the renewed case. Even so, he maintains that Holy Handkerchiefs and Living Water at a price tag of Ksh. 100 have healed thousands of believers.

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