Pastor Ezekiel Wife Sarah Wanzu Profile

Pastor Ezekiel Wife Sarah Wanzu Profile [Bio] Wedding, Children, Marriage, & Family Background

Pastor Ezekiel Wife Sarah Wanzu is a lovey-dovey partner judging from a stream of pictures and short clips circulating on social. In one instance, she is seen intimately holding hands with her incarcerated spouse in the watching of armed police officers. Similar scenes from Shanzu Law Court stamp marital bliss.

Like pastor Ezekiel, the gorgeous-looking Sarah Wanzu is highly confident in her Christian duty. She is as a result warming the hearts in defense of her televangelist partner.

Pastor Ezekiel wife Sarah Wanzu biography

Real nameSarah Wanzu Odero
HusbandPastor Ezekiel Odero
ChurchNew Life Church

Sarah Wanzu is often adorned in a signature red and white gown. On the other hand, her lover Pastor Ezekiel prefers an all-white gown and a bible in one hand.

She first came to the limelight following a government crackdown on their New Life Church in Mavueni.

Pastor Ezekiel and Sarah Wanzu marriage

Evangelist Ezekiel had two goats, Ksh 15 ring when going to marry his sweetheart Sarah Wanzu.

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The allegedly anointed man of God says it was easy convincing his parents and in-laws, but he did it anyway.

Pastor Ezekiel adds that he borrowed fare and could not afford a decent wedding gown for her.

“Wakati nilikuwa naenda kuoa pastor Sarah sikuwa na kitu. Nakumbuka sikuwa na nguo ya harusi wala pete wala mahari. Hata fare sikuwa nayo. Nilikuwa tuu na mapenzi. Nilenda kwao na pesa ya kusaidiwa na pete ya shilingi kumi na tano. na mbuzi mbili.”

Pastor Ezekiel Odero.

He recently opened up about having nothing worthwhile of deserving Sarah’s hand in marriage.

Intense resistance from her father and uncles almost crashed his wedding dreams with his soul mate.

“Babake na uncle yake walikataa nimuoe akatoroka na ilikuwa usiku hatukuwa tunamuona kwa sababu kulikuwa na giza totoro. kitambo tumpate babake na roho uncle ilikuwa ishatulia.”

Pastor Ezekiel Odero.

Pastor Ezekiel’s family was on the other hand opposed to his marriage plans claiming she is unlearned.

“When I wanted to marry Pastor Sarah, some of my people told me ooh she didn’t go to school. She can’t speak English. What if you marry her and big people come what will they say? I looked at my wife and didn’t see English but a beautiful woman who can take care of a ministry. English can’t take care of a ministry!”

Pastor Ezekiel Odero.

Fortunately, the couple is thriving spiritually and financially.

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Family & children

As we speak, Pastor Ezekiel and Sarah Wanzu have been married for 10 years and are blessed with three children among them two biological kids and an adopted son.

The family resides within the church compound.

Addressing the media, Pastor Ezekiel’s wife Sarah confirmed the indefinite closure of the family ministry pending investigations.

“Because of what is going on on the part of the authorities as pertains to investigations, I have come here to tell you that there is nothing sinister, but we will not have services tomorrow and the day after… It is good that we also give the authorities a chance to do their investigations. You have heard a lot of things in the media and elsewhere. It’s not just New Life Church. Investigations are being done on several churches.”

Pastor Ezekiel wife Sarah Wanzu.

Pastor Ezekiel is fighting his accusers alongside legal minds Danstan Omari and Cliff Ombeta.

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Pastor Ezekiel wife Sarah Wanzu profile sparks with admiration for a woman defending her man at the worst of times.

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