Pastor Paul Mackenzie Wife

Pastor Paul Mackenzie Wife [Photos] Parents, 12 Sisters and Brothers Defend Shakahola Massacre

Emerging details about Pastor Paul Mackenzie wife Joyce Mwikamba, parents, and siblings indicate that he grew up in a Christian home. The estranged Malindi preacher would eventually lead a highly secretive life on his recently acquired 800-acre Shakahola Forest farmland.

Close relatives are in disbelief even as more heartbreaking revelations flood the library of heinous records.

Pastor Paul Mackenzie wife, parents & siblings

Pastor Mackenzie born into a family of 12 sisters and brothers relocated to Malindi in the 90s with the help of an elder sister, then married to a white man.

Not much is known about his father Mr Nthenge and his mother Mrs Nthenge with an ancestral home in Kambaland, Eastern Kenya.

Pastor Paul Mackenzie and his beautiful wife Joyce Mwikamba are blessed with 7 sons and daughters now in their adult years.

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From a taxi driver to a televangelist

He would assimilate into the region and become a taxi driver for years. Raised in a protestant home, Mackenzie recalled his childhood faith in 1997.

He would be kicked from three churches for allegedly attempting to outshine founding pastors. In 2002, Mackenzie and his spouse Mwikamba initiated their church.

Luckily, the congregation multiplied speedily to the extent of owning several cars and a high viewership television station.

Mackenzie has since switched his gospel from “End Time Prophetic Message’ to ‘Fasting to See Jesus.’

The ongoing expose at his Shakahola Ministry Centre is wrecking more hearts across the globe.

As we speak, at least 90 dead bodies have been exhumed pending investigations on supposed cult dealings.

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“I am shocked about the accusations placed before me. I closed my Good News International church in Malindi in August 2019 and it’s important for people to accept that. I even sold the equipment there and the chairs as well. If a person used to worship with me then, they should do it on their own now and not by my name. Follow Christ and not pastor Mackenzie.”

Pastor Mackenzie – Interview.

Intense scrutiny is apparently causing Mackenzie to change tunes about owning and running a misleading ministry.

Not even colleagues can explain the mysterious rising of Mackenzie from an ordinary taxi driver to a wealthy televangelist.

Overall, Pastor Paul Mackenzie wife Joyce Mwikamba is a low partner now in the middle of the ongoing cult probe. The couple has been previously crashed with Public Service CS Aisha Jumwa.

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