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Who are Pastors Nixon Matara and Martha Isaac? 2 Controversial SDA Preachers Banned by SEKF

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Notorious funeral preachers Nixon Matara and Martha Isaac are lately trending for locking horns with their religious administrators. The two Seventh Day Adventist church pastors summoned to stop preaching until their case is heard and determined have since stood their ground to fight back through the court of law.

The rib-cracking duo told “Get the Point” that they will continue preaching because it is a calling from God as opposed to man or authorities.

Who are Pastors Nixon Matara and Martha Isaac?

Some of the accusations leveled against Pastors Martha Isaac and Nixon Matara include breach of conduct in their moves as preachers. SEKF President Pastor James Ondabu maintains that the two contravenes laid down policies for an SDA minister.

Pastor Matara who has been preaching for at least 15 years says he has never been summoned for any bad conduct. Here is what the fateful letter read in part.

“Dear leaders, and pastors, this is to inform you that Pr Matara and Martha Isaak of Matagaro will not be allowed to conduct any services at funerals, public evangelism, and camp meetings until the Field Executive committee sitting in mid-June clears them.

This is because of many issues reported about their conduct in funerals. Please give this information to members and elders. They go out including outside SEKF without permission even without host pastors knowing.  Please cooperate on this.”

SEKF Letter.

The two pastors insist that the church and its leadership should have followed proper protocol in resolving the matter instead of publicizing their accusations on social media.

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On her side, Martha Isaac is a form two dropout called into evangelism when she was a little girl.

The two pastors have since sought legal intervention from advocate Wilkins Ochoki in an attempt to address the ongoing defamation.

“In view of the above our clients ought to have been afforded an opportunity to examine the allegations against them and the evidence in support of the same. Moreover, they are guaranteed the right to a fair hearing before any administrative action can be taken against them.

Take notice and be warned that unless you pull down the message and issue a public apology to our clients within seven days…our firm has irrevocable instructions to institute legal proceedings, in a court of law, needless to say at your own peril as to costs and attendant consequences arising therefrom.”

Legal Notice.

In his words, Matara said that fire can only be dealt with fire.

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Here are the contacts of pastors Nixon Matara and Martha Isaac.

Martha Isaac+254798019921
Nixon Matara+254726986496

In other news, the Kisii town based conference recently raised alarm about a music extravaganza organized by South Mugirango MP Silvanus Osoro claiming it would turn political.

Pastors Nixon Matara and Martha Isaac continue to fight back at a directive disallowing them from preaching at funerals, public evangelism, and camp meetings.

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