How Are Pastors Paul Mackenzie & Ezekiel Related

How Are Pastors Paul Mackenzie & Ezekiel Related? Linking Shakahola Evangelist to Pastor Awuor

Pastors Paul Mackenzie & Ezekiel are allegedly close friends with a shared history in their distinct but related ministries. Some sources say the spiritual leaders have known each other for several years now.

Far-fetched claims reveal that keeping devout followers poor is a shared strategy between Pastors Mackenzie, Ezekiel, and the self-proclaimed Might Prophet Awuor. Another thing that slaps them all into one box is high-calibre academia and spiritualism.

Are Pastors Paul Mackenzie & Ezekiel Related?

Pastor Mackenzie who has been in the spiritual game since 2002 is stinking rich out of poor followers.

At one point, he owned a television channel and multiple churches with a landslide audience.

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Multiple Lawsuits eventually dragged him home only to bounce back stronger with the message of “Fasting to see Jesus.”

Pastor Paul Mackenzie Nthenge insists on fasting while pastor Ezekiel focuses on women, especially those that are desperate in finding true love.

Apart from biblical teachings, he sells holy water at Ksh. 2,000 to a following of 50,000.

Second Lady Dorcas Gachagua perhaps the most influential figure who attended Ezekiel’s latest evangelical gathering at Kasarani Stadium.

Pastors Ezekiel and Mackenzie have been previously accused of walking in the shoes of Prophet Awuor of Repentance and Holiness Ministry.

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How is pastor Ezekiel related to pastor Paul Mackenzie?

Some sources allege that Pastors Mackenzie and Ezekiel are buddies with a shared history of about 10 years.

In fact, when Mackenzie was retracting from the ministry in 2019, he allegedly sold his car and Television Station to Pastor Ezekiel.

As a result, Mackenzie relocated to Shakahola where he purchased land measuring 800 acres to start yet another successful chapel.

Mackenzie is on record for soliciting money from innocent believers among them an Air Hostess who resigned and committed his land worth Ksh. 7 million.

Pastor Mackenzie death toll

At least 103 dead bodies have been unearthed so far in connection with Pastor Mackenzie’s ‘fasting to see Jesus’ teachings.

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Even as DCI intelligence is probing more homicides, President William Ruto has called for immediate prosecution.

Are Pastors Paul Mackenzie & Ezekiel Related? Well, they are close friends running powerful ministries which are trending on the internet because of controversial dealings.  

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