Polyandry in Kenya

Polyandry in Kenya: Can a Woman Have Two Husbands or More? Is it Legal in Africa? Polygamy

While polyandry is rare and culturally strange, more and more women are finding it fashionable to exchange vows with multiple husbands. Recent cases of polyandry in Kenya reveals more.

In 2013, two Kenyan men made news after agreeing to marry the same woman, taking turns to stay with her and helping to raise her children. 

Polyandry in Kenya

According to Joyce Wambui, she had been dating the two men for four years and was eventually unable to choose between them.

In the end, she signed a marriage contract stipulating that Elijah Kimani and Sylvester Mwendwa would “share” her.

Part of their marriage contract reads as follows.

 “We have agreed that from today we will not threaten or have jealous feelings because of our wife, who says she’s not ready to let go of any of us. Each one will respect the day set aside for him. We agree to love each other and live peacefully. No one has forced us to make this agreement.”

Polyandry Agreement.

Wambui, who is a widow and mother of young twins, was at first reluctant to display the arrangement in public.

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Asked why he agreed to share Wambui, Mwendwa said “It’s not because she is a superwoman, but because she is a hard worker and very beautiful.”

Insider sources say the expose came following frequent quarrels, between Mwendwa and Kimani, over Wambui.

“The two men were quarreling and I wanted to know what they were quarreling about… I found out they were sharing one woman without knowing each other. I wanted the woman to decide which she loved and agree to stay with one. Unfortunately, she refused to decide. She said, ‘I love both of them, I’m not ready to lose them.’

Both men refused to surrender the woman. They assured me they’re going for a discussion where they’ll settle the differences themselves. They surprised me when they said they had agreed to be together.”

Abdulrahman, community elder.

Tuko reported yet another polyandry couple in the recent past.

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In March 2023, a lady called Kenya admitted to introducing a new hubby, Tiger, to her spouse of 12 years, Carl.

 “I am super multifaceted, it feels like Carl fits one-half of who I am; philosophical, spiritual and we have these deep conversations and the other part is thrill-seeking, excitement, traveling and that is where Tiger fits. I’m both of those people, I like to have multi partnerships.”

Kenya on ET YouTube Channel.

Such cases have been reported before without proper clarity on their legality.

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Kenya has in the past few years been treated to the spectacle of women with multiple husbands. As such, polyandry in Kenya is becoming rampant as the country wrestles with LGBTQ rights.

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