President William Ruto Weight

President William Ruto Weight Loss Explained! In an Interview with Journalists at State House

President William Ruto Weight Loss is lately concerning given a mountain of responsibilities ahead of him. He is either keeping fit or adjusting to the burden of a Commander in Chief.

Concerned Kenyans say President Ruto’s lean physique is a result of constant pressure from Opposition leaders including Raila Odinga. On top of that a heavy workload amid economic turmoil.

President William Ruto weight loss

Photos of Ruto taken a few months before the 2022 August Polls contrast sharply with those taken in the wake of 2023.

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He finally defended the sudden weight loss while addressing journalists at State House.

“You know when you have elections you have a lot of pressure, sometimes you get out the pressure on food… and you have to do this and that, and you don’t have time to go exercise. Sometimes you eat because you don’t know when you will find the next meal; sometimes you overeat. So, I decided to cut it down because ‘hii kibarua niko nayo sio kidogo’ you need to be alert ndio kazi iweze kusonga.”

President William Ruto.

The UDA Chief Hustler is slowly but surely finding his pace in State House.

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President William Ruto sudden weight loss is still a conversation starter among political allies and critics.

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