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The notorious Churchill show comedian Professor Hamo is back in the limelight, but this time with a strong influence. A scoop of his life story is enough to send one into tears of joy and admiration. Top profile facts explore Professor Hamo biography, focusing on his age, wife, children, family, cars, houses, salary, and net worth stats.

A boy who rose from the streets of Nakuru a few years ago is now at the heights of his media industry career. Furthermore, Prof Hamo continues to gain more exposure for working in first-class theatres and radio stations. He is among other Kenyan comedian celebrities trading big in the world of fame.

Professor Hamo profile summary

  • Real name: Herman Gakobo Kago
  • Popularly: Professor Hamo
  • Date of birth: July 5, 1980
  • Birth sign: Cancerian
  • Place of birth:  Lanet, Nakuru
  • Professor Hamo age: 44 years
  • Ethnicity: African
  • County: Nakuru County
  • Nationality: Kenyan (East Africa)
  • Father: James Wachira Kago
  • Prof Hamo children: 2
  • Years active: 2014 to present
  • Religion: Christian
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Relationship status: Married
  • Occupation: Presenter, MC, Comedian

Herman Gakobo Kago is famous for his stunning appearance as Professor Hamo in Churchill’s Show. He is also a trusted co-presenter on Hot 96 alongside Citizen TV’s Jeff Koinange.

Professor Hamo biography with photos

Hamo the Professor is a sensational joker with an endless supply of comic relief.

Supporters source motivation from Prof Hamo biography because he is a natural at cracking the audience.

Body measurements, height, and weight

Prof Hamo is handsomely tall with medium weight and body stature. Besides, the bearded impression complements his manly appearance. 

The Churchill comedian is yet to confirm stats on his height and weight measurements.

Professor Hamo family background

Herman Kago comes from a humble family in which he is the fifth born son.

There are four of Prof Hamo brothers. The Nakuru based family constitutes caring siblings and supportive parents.

It is interesting how the comedian has managed to outgrow his rough upbringing for the stardom status.

Prof Hamo parents

Herman is the son of James Wachira Kago, a Kenya Defence Force officer turned farmer. Unfortunately, Professor Hamo father passed away on October 5, 2016.

Professor Hamo death of father news rocked the internet and attracted the empathy of his broad fan base.

The funeral took place on October 12, 2016, at St Peter’s Catholic Church, Lanet.

Among those who attended the burial are fellow KDF crew members and top media personalities, including the Nation Media Group team.

MC Jessy, Othuol Othuol, and Shixx Kapienga are some of the many Kenyan celebrities who flocked Herman’s home with heartfelt condolences.  

On the other hand, Prof Hamo mother is a disciplinarian and hardworking housewife.

Prof Hamo education profile

Herman schooled in Kenyatta and Nakuru East primary schools. He then joined Nakuru Day High School and qualified for tertiary studies.

Prof Hamo enrolled for an Electrical Engineering diploma at Kisumu Polytechnic. He later lost interest and dropped the 3-year course after two years.

A dog trainer and a Mandazi hawker

Herman first tried his luck in Nakuru theatre after dropping out of school. Little earnings eventually forced Prof Hamo to practice his skills as a dog trainer for a living.

Meanwhile, he cooked and hawked Mandazi on a bicycle for a side hustle income.

Joining Tamasha Band as a vocalist did not change his worsening financial situation.

Professor Hamo biography reveals that he maintained a firm grip in the tiresome Mandazi business for survival.

Professor Hamo wife

Herman is a family man with two children and a lovely wife. He is yet to release photos of his wife and children to the public.

Is Professor Hamo Married? Yes, the comedian stays with his young family. He credits them all for supporting his course as a media icon.

A love stint linking Prof Hamo with comedian Jemutai did not hold long enough.

Prof Hamo house

Herman owns a homely property in Nakuru but is a regular in Nairobi. The comedian often travels between the two cities because of family and work.

Prof Hamo loves spending weekends with family and friends in the Rift-Valley-based town hub. He is a resident of Nairobi between Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Professor Hamo car

Herman cruises expensive cars, including a flashy Range Rover. He stole news headlines on April 2020 with a powerful machine.

The funny bone is yet to reveal a fleet of his cars and their number plates. Even so, Herman has not claimed possession of any sporty cars under his custody.

Prof Jemutai Prof Hamo scandal with Jemutai

Churchill Show Professor Hamo ended in a love triangle with fellow comedian Jemutai and first wife.  

Jemutai exposed him to Youtuber and blogger Edgar Obare for being a deadbeat husband to his two children.

It took the intervention of their boss Daniel Ndambuki to loosen an escalating feud between comedian Hamo and Jemutai.

However, there remains sheds of disagreements in their five year relationship.

Professor Hamo singing and comedy

Mimicking teachers after classes gradually helped Herman to spot himself as a comic personality –a lack of confidence silenced the talent until after college.

The shy Herman earned confidence from Tamasha Band to become a resourceful actor and comic personality. Professor Hamo biography tells us more.

Various theatre groups accepted him as a set book performer. Such also allowed him to shine as an upcoming stand-up comedian.

A long journey into Churchill Show

Herman did better than other performers in the Nakuru Edition of Churchill on the Road.

A good performance brought him to the limelight on national television in the process changing his name from Hamo the Entertainer to Professor Hamo.

One of Professor Hamo comedy videos on YouTube went viral soon after. Rib cracking jokes in the clip launched his success.

He recalls judges chasing him out of Nairobi based auditions. At last, the outburst of fame came after six unsuccessful auditions.

The stage name Professor Hamo

Herman earned the name Prof Hamo out of his wittiness and irresistible stupidity. He finally proclaimed himself a professor because of a beard and an afro hairdo.

He often mimics the arguments and references common with real-life professors. Such include “In my Book…”

Unique dressing in Professor Hamo comedy clips and stage performances say no less.

Professor Hamo Churchill show latest

The Hot 96 Radio host has appeared on several Churchill Comedy editions. He continues to cement his legacy as a specially gifted entertainer.

Professor Hamo in Heaven There is No Beer and Professor Hamo Jina Kubwa Kuliko Mfuko are arguably the best of his clips ever.

Best of Professor Hamo 2019 and more

Proceed to Professor Hamo videos download on YouTube and other leading media streaming channels for endless entertainment.

  • Kuvunjwa Roho
  • Voices in our head
  • Msoto ya Kushangaza
  • Leaving Wedding Whatsapp Groups

Besides comedy, Prof Hamo is an experienced freelance electrician.

Professor Hamo salary at Hot 96

The comedian has risen fast on the charts from a salary of less than Ksh 50,000 on Churchill Show to winning mega deals worth millions.

Professor Hamo 2020 bargain with Mediamax’s Milele FM turned out a failed acquisition.

Reports suggest that Royal Media Services’ Hot 96 retained Herman with a ballooned salary.

Professor Hamo net worth

In 2016, Professor Hamo became a Star-Times yearlong ambassador at a whooping pay of Ksh 10 million.

Professor Hamo Wikipedia profile also reveals that he has since signed more deals at undisclosed amounts.

Professor Hamo contacts

  • Email:
  • Website:

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Professor Hamo biography provides valuable insight into his personal life and career as a comedian. We can reliably confirm that Herman Kago is a multi-talented comic character with a massive breakthrough in theatre.

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