You are currently viewing 11 Profile Facts about Pastor Mackenzie: Shakahola Massacre Cult Preacher ‘Fasting to See Jesus’
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11 Profile Facts about Pastor Mackenzie: Shakahola Massacre Cult Preacher ‘Fasting to See Jesus’

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Various profile facts about Pastor Mackenzie justify the fact that offshoot religions are a new playground for cults.

Allegations of starving his followers to death and burying them in his land ‘Bethlehem’ are still rife pending further investigations.

11 Profile facts about Pastor Mackenzie Nthenge

Enraged Kenyans want to know more about Pastor Mackenzie, especially how he managed to conceal spiritual craftiness for years.

His life story runs deep with key highlights summarised below.

  1. Paul Mackenzie Nthenge is the founding pastor at Good News International Church
  2. He was kicked from three churches for differing with founding pastors, as a result, he initiated GNI church
  3. Mackenzie, his younger brother Robert Mbatha Mackenzie and elder sister are all residents of Malindi in Kilifi County
  4. Pastor Mackenzie is a loving husband to wife Joyce Mwikamba, the couple is blessed with two children
  5. Mackenzie withdrew from preaching in 2019, sold his TV station and car to Pastor Ezekiel. In 2022, he made a strong comeback with a message of ‘fasting to see Jesus.’
  6. Pastor Mackenzie faced 4 legal charges between 1997 and 2003 but was freed each time for lack of evidence against controversial teachings
  7. In 2017, Mayungu Children Rescue Centre raised alarm about Mackenzie’s teaching, in the process rescuing 93 children
  8. In 2018, Magarini residents demolished a church belonging to Pastor Mackenzie for alleged involvement in Satanism
  9. In 2019, Mackenzie was thrown into prison for saying ‘Huduma Number Kenya’ is the mark of a beast ‘666’ prophesied in the Hebrew Bible
  10. In 2022, Mackenzie moved his ministry to Shakahola Forest, now a crime scene
  11. Good News International Church thrives after the End Time Message of William Branham
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The younger brother Robert Mbatha insists that Mackenzie is innocent and incapable of murder.

Speaking to Citizen TV, Mbatha said Mackenzie does not force people into fasting to death.

The above profile facts about Pastor Mackenzie describes a controversial preacher who prospered behind misleading doctrines. President Ruto says, he should be prosecuted to the degree of a terrorist.

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