Rachel Ruto Salary Per Month

Rachel Ruto Salary per Month: Office of First Lady Yearly Budget and Mama Doing Good Funding

The Office of First Lady is heavily funded by the Republic of Kenya as with several others recognized by the Salaries and Remuneration Committee. Here is a quick look at Rachel Ruto salary per month.

Amount of the First Lady’s Salary and office budgetary accumulates into millions depending on staff requirements and overall mission.

Rachel Ruto salary per month

The office of Mama Rachel Ruto received Ksh. 426.1 million, with at least 78 per cent expected to cater for recurrent expenses among them supplies, travel, and staff salaries.

Below is a breakdown of budgetary allocation from the previous regime.

First LadyKsh. 114 millionKsh. 426 million
Second Lady  Ksh. 102 millionKsh. 424 million

On top of that, multi-million dollar donations from well-wishers and charitable organizations.

A case in point is a whooping donation amounting to Ksh. 723.6 million for the former First Lady Margaret Kenyatta.

Rachel Ruto salary per month befits her agenda in Mama Doing Good foundation where she is founder and patron. The faith diplomat doubles up as a mental health and wellness promoter.

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