Rachel Ruto Sisters and Brothers

Rachel Ruto Sisters and Brothers: List of Siblings and Biological Parents from Kamagut Village

Rachel Ruto sisters and brothers may not be in the limelight but are certainly dearest to the First Lady. She has previously spoken about them in one of her moving speeches.

Close family members are on record for describing Rachel as a brave woman, typical of a prayer warrior.

List of Rachel Ruto Sisters and Brothers

Married to President Ruto, at least 3 decades ago, Rachel Ruto is still intact with her siblings.

She still enjoys a close relationship with kinsmen, among them biological father Mr Samuel Kimetto.

Close sources say that Rachel Ruto’s mother succumbed to a short illness about two decades ago. 

Even so, no one can tell her story better than her elder sister Lydia Kimetto.

“She has always been a committed Christian. Rachel is brilliant. She was tough and a no-nonsense person… She was always in church when not in school.”

Lydia Kimetto Musee.

Rachel, born at Likuyani on November 20, 1968, grew up to become the powerful woman she is today with exceeding humility.

Further reports indicate that Lydia played a key role in uniting her younger sister, Rachel, with Ruto for she was almost unapproachable.

“Rachel was not a girl anyone would just approach. She was tough and never entertained nonsense.”

Lydia Kimetto Musee.

It all happened when Rachel had just completed her secondary school studies at Butere Girls.

Rachel and Ruto continued with their affair when they went to university, Ruto at the University of Nairobi and Rachel at the nearby Kenyatta University.

Rachel’s father Mr Kimmetto, now aged about 90 years, is currently living with his second wife Magdalene Rugut.

On the other hand, no trace of Rachel Ruto’s brothers and other sisters can be found online.

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