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Resurrection Drama in Kisii! Nairobi Boda Boda Rider Meshack Ondabu Narrates How He Was Jailed

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A bizarre resurrection drama in Kisii County happened on Saturday, March 25th, 2023!!! The shocking incident involving a 33-year-old Meshack Ondabu occurred at Bassi Bogetaorio Village in Bobasi Constituency.

Fear engulfed kinsmen after Mr Ondabu re-appeared in Nairobi a month following his emotional “burial.” Initial sources say it is a case of mistaken identity for a loved one presumed dead.

Resurrection drama in Kisii – Bobasi Constituency

Mr Ondabu, a resident of South B and a seasoned boda boda rider in Nairobi Capital went missing a few weeks ago following a sudden arrest by the Nairobi City Council.

Taken to court, he was fined Ksh. 5,000 or a jail-term of two months (39 days).

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Speaking to the newsroom, the father of two admitted the mistake of not communicating with friends and close family members following the arrest and extended incarceration.

Mistaken identity

After weeks of looking for Mr Ondabu, the family proceed to the Nairobi City Mortuary where they mistakenly picked a wrong body for burial in Kisii.

Mr Ondabu’s wife who works in Saudi Arabia flew home and confirmed that the body was indeed that of her husband.

Following the burial were burnt all his belongings, then returned his spouse to Saudi Arabia.

Kisii rituals for Mr Ondabu

Elders insist that the strange return of Mr Ondabu prompts a thorough ritual ceremony involving sheep slaughter, exhumation, and family cleansing.

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After that, Mr Ondabu’s matrimonial house will be destroyed and another one built to mark a new beginning.

As we speak, plans of exhuming the body and ferrying it back to the Nairobi City Mortuary are ongoing.

Nyamache OCPD, Kipkemoi Kipkulei, confirmed the incident and said they are waiting for direction from Nairobi before the body is exhumed.

Related cases of mistaken identity

The resurfacing of Mr Ondabu who went missing about two months ago is not the first of its kind in the region.

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In 2016, Residents of Ramasha location were forced to exhume he wrong body and bury a loved one after 4 months of burial.

Reports say a mix-up of bodies happened at Shalom Hospital Mortuary in Athi River.

The recent bizarre “Resurrection” in Kisii comes at a time when digital communication is rampant. Locals have been urged to say in touch with their loved ones to avoid such horrible incidences from recurring.

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