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Photo: Reverend Victor Githu Biography, age, parents, and profile facts . SRC: @RevVictorGithu

Reverend Victor Githu Biography: Age, Family, songs, & Victory Boy youngest preacher in Kenya

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Kenya is a blessed country with a stream of young talents ranging from TT Comedian to jokester Onsongo. One thing that unites them all is a striking sense of creativity and maturity. Reverend Victor Githu biography introduces us to yet another miraculous child celebrity in our age.

Listening to the young preacher is awakening to the fact that age is just a number. A rare ability in articulating spiritual ideas in a fluent English accent is particularly inspiring.

Reverend Victor Githu profile summary

  • Real names: Victor Githu
  • Age: 15 years old
  • Siblings: 2
  • Career: Reverend
  • Religion: Christian

Reverend Victor Githu biography

Pastor Victor Githu Preaching, songs, & Fake KCPE Results
Photo: Pastor Victor Githu Preaching, songs, & Fake KCPE Results . SRC: @RevVictorGithu

Pastor Victor Githu brags himself as a living testimony of God’s wisdom to whoever believes.

Further scrutiny into his life reveals even more exciting profile facts.

How old is Reverend Victor Githu?

Born on October 10, 2009, Reverend Victor Githu age is 15 years as of 2024.

The energetic reverend originates in Juja but is a long-time resident of Kimbo Estate within Kiambu County.

A loving mom credits him for being a smart, friendly, peace-minded, and mostly quiet son back at home.

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Pastor Victor Githu family background

The family of Victor Githu is lately on the spot following several appearances on mainstream media.

To start with, he is the lastborn in a family of three siblings among them a brother and sister in their high school years.

Victor Githu mother is Judith Nduta while his rarely photographed father is Mr Githu.

Earlier on, Mrs Nduta attempted to quench the calling of her 5 years old son Victor.

She eventually surrendered and turned a number one fan following his scary attempted suicide with a rope.

And now, theirs is a highly favoured middle-income family with a recent history of abject poverty.

Reverend Victor Githu parents are proud of their multi-talented son, especially for his successful ministry and their new social status.

According to Mrs Judith Nduta, financial breakthrough in the family started with a god sent viewer.

The generous viewer gifted her with Ksh. 50,000 upon noticing the family was struggling with a hospital bill for a then sickly Pastor Victor.

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Victor Githu education and KCPE marks

Pastor Victor is a school going boy with enough religious psyche to lighten the hearts of staunch atheists.

Victor who was previously a pupil at Gachororo primary school is currently a well-wisher sponsored Grade 6 learner at Kahawa West primary.

Elsewhere, he was on Monday (March 28, 2022) trolled for all the wrong reasons.

What started as a social media stint of Victor Githu scoring 227 marks in the 2021 KCPE exams ended up a national conversation.

Speaking to Mungai Eve, Reverend Victor Githu clarified on not sitting for the alleged national exams.

As a result, abusive memes of him scoring 200 marks and an additional 27 marks for withdrawal charges have since lessened.

Career as a preacher and gospel singer

Victor Githu has met renowned Kenyan celebrities to the extent of storming Churchill Live.

Apart from Comedian Daniel Ndambuki, the reverend has welcomed MC Jessy Junction, Mungai Eve Show, and former Tuko content creator Lynn Ngugi for an interview.

Others on his list of fame are Dr Ofweneke of KTN Home, Jeremy Damaris of Kenya Diaspora Media, DJ Macdee, and Kameme TV.

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List of best Victor Githu songs

Away from preaching, a list of Victor Githu songs is as follows.

  • I Can Do
  • My Only Hope
  • I Magnify You
  • Obey your God
  • I Love You God
  • Am Guaranteed
  • Kirore Giaku Ngai
  • Kigongona ft Eunice Chege

The reverend has released even more gospel songs on his Victory Boy Rev Victor Githu YouTube channel.

Pastor Victor Githu net worth

The youngest pastor in Kenya Victor Githu net worth is about Ksh. 100,000.

Fame and influence will likely uplift him to the wealth status of Pastor Kanyari, Pastor Nganga, and Reverend Lucy Natasha.

Contacts of Victor Githu: phone number

FacebookVictor Githu

The young minister who doubles up as a singer is going places.

Overall, Reverend Victor Githu biography and preaching are an experience like no other for most Kenyans.

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