Richest Kisii musicians

Top 20 Richest Kisii musicians in 2024, latest net worth ranking, salary and wealth performance

The chasing for money is getting tougher among talented Kisii musicians of our generation. For this reason, top artists are inventing more creative net worth accumulation strategies. Among the richest Kisii musicians are those that have stepped on national and international theatres.

The booming art industry is rewarding skilled Kenyan entertainers with good pay slips. Kisii singers are among those earning handsomely from frequent gigs, performances, and YouTube AdSense. Let us find out how your favourite content creator is faring on the list of richest Kisii musicians.

Full list of 20 richest Kisii musicians in 2023

Notice that our numbering of wealthiest Kisii artists does not necessarily reflect their net worth ranking.

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Who are the richest Kisii musicians in 2021?

  1. Nyashinski (Nyamari Ongegu)
  2. Ringtone Apoko
  3. Evangelist Douglas Otiso
  4. Duke Mainga Echate
  5. Miggy Champ (Omari Migisi)
  6. Mr Ongengo Chochoni
  7. Rebecca Thomas
  8. Fenny Kerubo
  9. Vekta Kenya (Maxwell Basweti)
  10. Smallz Lethal (Omoisi Omobe)
  11. Babu Gee Omosayansi
  12. Pharry K (Kepha Bwonda)
  13. Vicky Young (Victor Orwachi Maina)
  14. Dennis Onyamo
  15. Erick Mwaniki
  16. Forever Young
  17. Raj alias Rajville
  18. DJ Bunney 254
  19. Faith Stan (Faithstan)
  20. Chris Embarambamba

The above mentioned songwriters, singers, and creative content creators are exceptional for earning a living from their full time involvement in music.

Furthermore, they comprise those recieving a fortune from their unwavering fan base support.

Richest Kisii musicians ranking criteria

Musicians with more supporters enjoy a rare advantage in the industry and hence smile their way to the bank more often.

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Similarly, those engaged in other businesses are likely to grow their monthly income faster than the rest.

Lastly, Kisii singers such as Embarambamba, Nyashinski, Ringtone, and Fenny Kerubo enjoy the bliss of success for crossing regional and national borders.

Salary, net worth, and wealth sources

Most Kisii singers rely on their hit studio productions for a living. That is perhaps why most of them suffered the economic blow occasioned by the coronavirus pandemic.

Cessation of club performances, event gigs, brand deals, and theatrical productions left a section of these singers partially jobless.

Luckily, most of these artists have since started investing in more reliable sectors to avoid dropping in the same pit twice.

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Indeed, top business oriented Kisii artists include Vekta Kenya, Nyashinski, Ringtone Apoko, Fenny Kerubo, and Echate generation boss Duke Mainga among others.

The list of richest Kisii musicians is not complete without mentioning trending artists such as Nyashinski and Ringtone Apoko. Kisii Finest Media will update their wealth figures as soon as confirmed.

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