Risper Ombui Death Story

Risper Ombui Death Story: Cause of Demise, Reactions, Funeral, Photos, Videos & Team Strong Gulf

Risper Ombui death story is highly emotional considering she passed away almost suddenly. It is confirmed that she bowed out on the day of her scheduled flight to Saudi Arabia.

Family members and close friends are yet to accept the heartbreaking news. Initial reports say Risper died without a disease on her diagnosis report.

Risper Ombui death story and funeral

Risper Ombui from Kisii County was a longtime resident and worker in the Gulf, Middle East.

Her sorrowful mom says she landed at her ancestral home in Ritembu, Getare, Magena on December 24, 2021.

Risper was reportedly healthy and happy throughout her three months vacation in Gusiiland.

After resting for a better part of January, she started processing her return-travel documents in February.

A sister says she had bought a piece of land in Kisii and was in the process of doing even more projects for her low-income family.

Sickness and sudden death of Risper Ombui

Two weeks before her planned departure on Friday, April 1, 2022, Risper started experiencing abnormal stomach pain.

At first, she attended a nearby clinic for medication. Thereafter, she was taken to the Kisii Training and Referral Hospital.

At KTRH, she was tested for disease but none appeared on her sickness medical report.

She was nonetheless admitted because of severe stomach pain and later placed on oxygen support.

Unfortunately, Risper died on her departure day, April 1, 2021, while on Oxygen support at the Kisii Training and Referral Hospital.

She died on the same day another gulf-based Kisii lady Mercy Kwamboka was laid to rest in a nearby village at Magena.

It is still mysterious how a brief stomach pain escalated into vomiting of blood and loss of life within a couple of weeks.

The cause of her shocking death remains unclear thus shifting all the blame to the supposed Kisii witches.

Risper Nyambeki Ombui of Team Strong in the Gulf was a mother of three children.

Her firstborn son cleared high school recently, the second born is in class 7, and the lastborn grade 1.

Risper Ombui death story is heartbreaking given she was a breadwinner to her 3 children, brothers, sisters, and widowed mother.

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