Ryan Kibaki Biography

Ryan Kibaki Biography: Mwai Kibaki’s Grandson Profile and Why He Snubbed Raila’s Hand – Video

Ryan Kibaki biography spells the life story of a grandchild to the fallen third president of Kenya.

Like his grandfather, Ryan is openly against the fifth time aspiring head of state Raila Odinga.

Who is Ryan Mwai Kibaki Junior?

Ryan snubbing Raila Odinga’s handshake during the burial ceremony of Mwai Kibaki caused a scene on the internet.

Long-lived political rivalry between Raila and the late Mwai Kibaki may have sunk deep in the heart of Ryan.

The controversy comes at a time when curious Kenyans are trying to understand the position of the Mwai Kibaki family in the forthcoming general elections.

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Baba’s supporters could not stand the embarrassment that Ryan caused Raila on national television. Check the video.

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