Sarah Moraa Shourtie Biography

Sarah Moraa Shourtie Biography: Age, Latest Songs, Albums, Mimi Ni Shujaa Hitmaker Profile Facts

Shourtie is a vocal Kisii female artist now causing ripples in the Kenyan music scenes. The spark of her fame has already graced national performance theatres including Kisii TV and Willis Raburu’s 10 over 10 show. Sarah Moraa Shourtie biography exposes more about the multitalented songbird.

The list of best Kisii musicians is not complete without including Shourtie at the top. It is interesting how she has kept the reputation of a clean and creative artist. As a result, Shourtie is a role model to several recording artists. Her life story says no less.

Sarah Moraa Shourtie profiles summary

  • Real name: Sarah Moraa
  • Nickname: Shourtie Thesongbird
  • Date of birth: August 16, 1997
  • Birth sign: Leo
  • Place of birth: Kisii
  • Shourtie age: 25 years
  • Tribe: Kisii
  • County: Kisii
  • Nationality: Kenyan (East Africa)
  • Occupation: Singer, Songwriter
  • Years active: Form 3 to date
  • Relationship status: Possibly single

Sarah Moraa Shourtie is famous for featuring in viral songs such as Tosikane ft Echate and Mashujaa Day 2020 hit Mimi Ni Shujaa.

Songbird Sarah Moraa Shourtie biography with pictures 

Who is Shourtie? The beautiful Sarah Moraa is a long time song writer and singer now a new sensation in the Gusii music playlist

She is now a Kisii celebrity, trending alongside successful Kenyan music stars.

Above all, the beautiful Sarah Moraa is a new sensation in the Gusii music playlist.

How old is Sarah Moraa Shourtie?

Sarah Moraa Shourtie is 25 years old as of 2023. She celebrated her 23rd birthday on August 16, 2020.

The born day eve attracted a pool of heart touching wishes from family members, friends, and music supporters.

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Sarah Moraa Shourtie biography on education and CV

Miss Shourtie attended Meru National Polytechnic. She majored in accounts and graduated with recently with fine skills in the course.

In 2017, Shourtie revealed to Jesse of RISETODAY on YouTube that she was a continuing student at the institution.

Sarah Moraa Shourtie family background

Shourtie picks the music gene from her father’s family tree.

Even so, she has not revealed personal details about her parents, father, mother, siblings, and relatives.

However, Shourtie has confirmed being cousin to the super producer Dokta B Boaz. In addition, producer Sam C is her uncle.

Shourtie music career history and productions

Miss Shourtie started singing as a little girl. She recalls presenting alongside friends during the Sunday worship meetings.

Coming from a musical family is why she embraced an inborn talent in music at a young age.

Shourtie recorded her first album with Dokta B, a cousin, while ongoing with secondary school education.

A debut song she did in form three scooped an award months later for its influence and trendy vibes.

Education masked Shourtie from the studios for years. It is until October 2019 that she recalled her music talent.

Shourtie is currently working alongside producer Augusto of World Wave Records.

Elsewhere, she has worked with film director VJ One and Neimer Music Worldwide.

Why the name Shourtie?

The name Shourtie is a blended version of the American English word shawty also shorty, meaning a short and adorable person.

The song bird received the name ‘Sourtin” from a fan’s shout out in the comments section.

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An impressed supporter dropped this precious title on a project she had done with her uncle, Sam C.

Sarah Moraa later fused “Shawty” with “Sourtin” to get her present day stage name Shourtie.

List of best Shourtie songs mp3 and video

Shourtie is an angelic singer owing to her irresistible fine tune vocals. Trending songs from her latest albums include the following.

  • Lover lyrics by Shourtie
  • Thank You by Shourtie
  • Shourtie Lockdown
  • Nani by Shourtie
  • Shourtie Don’t
  • Let You Go
  • Genda by Shourtie
  • BUBBLE Shourtie
  • Perfect by Shourtie
  • Lilsliq – Psycho ft Shourtie
  • Shourtie – Nakutaka Tu Wewe
  • Neimer – Show Them ft Shourtie

Song bird Shourtie has promised even more jams in days to come.

Echate- Tosikane ft Shourtie

Shourtie and Echate of Echate Generation dropped a huge song Tosikane in March 2021.

The song appeals for respect among people as the only way of living in peace.

Shourtie music mp3 downloads and mp4 streaming

Most of Shourtie’s tracks are now available on YouTube,, and among other leading steaming sites.

Stream live or download for endless entertainment. Also, remember to subscribe on her Shourtie YouTube channel.

Mashujaa Day celebrations 2020 in Kisii Stadium, PPMC TV

Shourtie Thesongbird from Facebook stole the show with a killer intro verse during the Kisii County held Mashujaa Day celebrations.

She was among other Gusii Pop Artistes who aroused President Uhuru Kenyatta and the nation at large with Mimi Ni Shujaa song.

It is after starring in the Permanent Presidential Music Commission, PPMC, that Shourtie made a strong comeback into the music industry.

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Mimi Ni Shujaa song artistes and their real names

Top Kisii musicians involved in this Mashujaa hit song include the following.

  • Martha Bosibori
  • Shourtie – Sarah Moraa
  • Speedix – Ivan Omurwa
  • Ashur Damsela – Kepha Mauti
  • Ali Butterfly – Albert Nyachoti
  • Timo Young – Timothy Onserio
  • Mcubamba Robbah – Robert Masiga
  • Vickyoung Ensanako – Victor Orwachi
  • Maggie The Psalmist – Margret Kerubo
  • Babu Gee Omosayansi – Davison Nyaberi
  • MC Miggy, Echambioni – Naftal Omari Migisi

Dokta B of New Home Muzik is the audio producer on Mimi Ni Shujaa song. On the other hand, Vinto Neskon of Fleek Magix Films is its video producer.

Besides, most of the involved performing artistes played a key role in writing Mimi Ni Shujaa lyrics.

Shourtie phone contact and address


Connect with Shourtie for bookings, Karaoke gigs, or inquiries into her unstoppable music brand.

Sarah Moraa Shourtie biography gives us every reason why we should grow our expectations on her music journey. Everything about Shourtie’s life story and music production is simply admirable.

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