Shabana FC Coach Sammy Okoth

Shabana FC Coach Sammy Okoth Speaks about the National Super League Victory & the KPL Games

Shabana FC Coach Sammy Okoth is proud of pushing his team into the Kenya Premier League (KPL) after 17 years in the cold. The recent NSL champion clubs are eyeing even greater results.

Ascension from NSL to KPL comes within months of Shabana FC losing its chairman Dr Yabesh Nyandoro Kambi. He died in February 2023 within 2 years of succeeding Jared Omboni Nevaton.

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Shabana FC Coach Sammy Okoth

Veteran coach Sammy Okoth who was previously attached to Vihiga United believes in the potential of young talents in local clubs.

On his side, Youth, Sports, Culture, Arts and Special Services CEC, Mr Erick Ongeri Miyienda, is optimistic about the future of Shabana FC.

Speaking to the press, Mr Ongeri confirmed the allocation of at least Ksh. 20 million in the planned renovations at Gusii Stadium.

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He says the stadium will be upgraded to the modern standards ahead of the underway Kenya Premier League matches.

Shabana FC Coach Sammy Okoth is a sportsman to watch closely in propelling the team to greater heights.

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